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Golovkin vs Jacobs prediction: "Daniel has no chance!," insists insider

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Fresh off his win over welterweight champion Kell Brook last fall, middleweight champion Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin (36-0, 33 KOs) will face red hot Daniel Jacobs (32-1, 29 KO) on March 18.


A heavy underdog, Jacobs, the WBA regular middleweight champion, vaulted into prominence last December by knocking out previously unbeaten Peter Quillin in Round 1 before stopping Sergio Mora inside the distance in September.

Does Daniel Jacobs, who insists he's going to exploit Golovkin's defense, have any chance of winning?

As of December 25, Bovada has the unified middleweight champion as the (-800) betting favorite over belt-holder Daniel Jacobs, the (+500) underdog.

Lopsided odds considering Jacobs' fine record, knockout percentage and his explosive win over previously unbeaten Peter Qullin.

While Golovkin is the obvious favorite, is this bout a lot closer on paper? Are the oddsmakers and media underestimating Jacobs' chances?

Tru School Sports' boxing expert Brendan Taylor doesn't think so. In fact, he insists Jacobs' chances of winning are virtually slim to none.

Responding to Jacobs' claims he'll exploit Golovkin's [weak] defense, Taylor stated:

"The guy has nearly 400 fights (including amateur) under his belt and not once has he ever been to the canvas. He's not like Pernell Whitaker and is going slip a million shots, but Golovkin is really good at subtly slipping shots."

"He has always been a good defensive fighter and a lot of that stems from his balance."

And Taylor is right. Gennady will roll and parry punches to avoid getting hit flush even though, to the casual eye, it appears he's getting tagged.

His understanding of timing and range, and ability to fight proficiently at angles where his opponent cannot land effectively is what makes him the most complete fighter today.

Golovkin vs Jacobs prediction

According to Taylor, Jacobs will not be able to outbox, out-brawl, outsmart or out-tough Gennady Golovkin.

"This fight will play out in one of two ways, Taylor explains."

"Scenario one: Jacobs is going to swarm Golovkin, kind of like he did against Peter Quillin in Round 1. But Golovkin's going to take his punches and he (Jacobs) is going to get very discouraged ... and then from then on it's going to be target practice for Triple G."

"Or Triple G might [fight] ... like he did against David Lemieux, and stay on that back foot and box this guy's ears off patiently; showing you guys some of the amateur pedigree he has because he was one of the best amateurs of all-time."

"Daniel Jacobs is not winning, regardless, because his chin will not hold up to Triple G's. [And] he doesn't have the boxing ability to compete with GGG."

"I think he does have the power to make it an interesting fight and to keep Golovkin honest for a couple of rounds but... Golovkin's chin is just too tested."

"...And if Jacobs is coming into this fight thinking Golovkin doesn't have good defense, he's in for a very rude awakening."



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