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Golovkin vs Canelo predictions: Are we grossly underestimating Daniel Jacobs?

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Et tu, Harold?

Earlier this week, iFL TV caught up with legendary boxing judge and personality Harold Lederman who offered his insight into September's Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin superfight.

When asked why fans and media are giving Canelo a much better chance to win than they did a year ago, Lederman stated:

“My own personal opinion was that in the Danny Jacobs fight Gennady looked a little bit older..."

"I think age is starting to catch up to him. You know, you saw it, he had problems with Danny Jacobs. You know, the Gennady Golovkin we’ve been seeing on HBO all along has been nothing short of menacing. You know, you remember the David Lemieux knockout, the Gabriel Rosado knockout, you know, some of them other knockouts - he was devastating."

“All the sudden he comes into the ring with Danny Jacobs and, you know, he looks like he’s having problems and I think that’s age."


Triple G is a monster who ran inevitably faced a fighter he had problems with and, thus, many are now choosing to label him as 'past his prime.' In fact, Canelo vs Golovkin predictions are being made based primarily on Triple G's performance in the Jacobs fight.

Are some ignorant to boxing history? Every great fighter, even in their prime, has met an opponent who made him look human.

Not exactly chopped liver
In December, FightSaga published 'Golovkin vs Jacobs odds: A bit over the top?' suggesting the 8 to 1 odds were ludicrous, despite the fact Golovkin was steamrolling competition.

We also published a piece entitled 'GGG vs Jacobs: Is Golovkin in trouble?'

Jacobs entered his fight with Golovkin boasting a record of 32-1 with 29 KOs - Not exactly modest numbers. And keep in mind, he was the same fella who stopped Peter Quillin in the opening stanza and dispatched the extremely slippery Sergio Mora, a fighter who's capable of making any elite pugilist look bad.

We thought Jacobs had learned a lot from his 2010 loss to Dmitry Pirog. In addition, we liked Daniel's height, reach, experience and punching power, and knew Triple G had never faced anyone with Jacobs' size, strength and pedigree.

And we weren't alone...

Golovkin's trainer, Abel Sanchez, warned critics that Jacobs was no one to be taken lightly.

"Danny Jacobs is probably the most intelligent fighter, and has the highest boxing IQ of any man that we've fought," stated the respected boxing coach to FightHub TV in March.

"He had a great amateur background...he's also on a roll with twelve knockouts in a row. Danny's very confident and he's already overcome his most difficult challenge in cancer."

"So yeah...we're expecting a very dangerous and motivated opponent in Danny Jacobs."

"His power and athleticism add up to a potentially difficult fight."

"I think there might be some scary moments and difficult rounds in the outset, but I think by the seventh or eighth round, Gennady will have worn him down enough to stop him."

'Scary moments and difficult rounds?

High praise from Abel Sanchez.

Daniel Jacobs is the goods.

Boxing History
Throughout boxing history, all knockout artists have confronted those one or two very special opponents - men they couldn't knockout, even in their prime or relatively close. 

In 1951, Rocky Marciano (49-0, 43 KO) failed to stop a fella named Willis Applegate who had fought only once in two years and sported a modest record of 11-14-2. Applegate fought hard for ten rounds in losing a unanimous decision to the 'Brockton Blockbuster.' And even the greatest of all heavyweight punchers, George Foreman, couldn't dispatch Levi Forte (19-21-2) who, despite being knocked down in Round 2, survived to hear the judges' tally after Round 10.

Some fighters, for whatever reason, don't succumb to the punching prowess of knockout artists and that applies to boxers in all divisions, not just heavyweights. And if that KO artist is facing a very special opponent, unlike Applegate and Forte in the examples above, he'll sometimes struggle to get the win as was the case with Golvkin against Jacobs,

Looking back, defeating Jacobs was a fine feat for Gennady Golovkin. Daniel boasted size, strength, punching power and pedigree/experience… Has Canelo has never fought anyone with all those attributes?

Those who want to use Golovkin vs Jacobs as proof of Triple G's (presumed) demise might be in for a shock come September.


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