Golovkin vs Canelo: Head to head

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Just days after Triple G’s dominant performance against the ostensibly overmatched Marco Antonio Rubio in front of a sold out StubHub Center in Carson, California, the boxing world continues to buzz about the awesome two-fisted assault of the Kazakh warrior.

Although most fighters in and around the 160 pound weight division don’t want any part of the offensive minded juggernaut that is Gennady Golovkin, there’s one former world champion who most see as an eventual opponent for the mighty Middleweight.

Canelo Alvarez has shown the courage and willingness to meet any potential threat in the ring, and many boxing insiders are projecting an eventual HBO PPV showdown on “Cinco de Mayo” weekend of 2016 with the undefeated monster of the Middleweights.

So how would a match-up between Golovkin vs Canelo play out at 160 pounds?

Three decade fight trainer and strategic expert James Gogue offers fight fans his opinion of the highly anticipated match-up.

“First of all, this match-up would be absolutely humongous,” claims the knowledgeable boxing coach.

“If both fighters take care of business in 2015 and stay in their winning ways, there’s no reason why this fight couldn’t break every existing PPV record.”

Boxing genius James Gogue, center, with a few of his fans.

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“Canelo and Golovkin are on the verge of becoming mainstream superstars and bring a lot of excitement to the ring. "

"They both have knock-out power and fight with an entertaining, fan friendly style. By this time next year, Canelo and Triple G could be the two biggest stars of the sport.”

“Gennady is a heavy handed, aggressive minded fighter, and Canelo is an explosive counter puncher who combines speed and power. It would be the irresistible force versus the immovable object. A must see for every fight fan!! Expect this scintillating match-up to materialize on ‘Cinco de Mayo’ weekend of 2016.”

While Gogue recognizes the danger for both men in this heavy handed pairing, the expert fight trainer clearly favors one fighter.

“This is a very dangerous match-up in which both fighters could easily get knocked out,” claims James Gogue. “But I would have to favor the more aggressive minded and heavy-handed Gennady Golovkin.”

“Canelo is an explosive counter puncher who throws extremely well in combination to the body and head, and has an exceptional understand of range.

"But because he combines speed with power, he ultimately sacrifices his overall punch volume.”

“This factor would be a huge detriment in a fight with a knock-out puncher like Golovkin, who can work for all three minutes of every round.”

The strategic fight expert breaks down the potential strategy for Triple G.

“Gennady isn’t going to change his style for anyone. Why would he?"

"Against a very strong fighter like Canelo Alvarez, you would see Golovkin work patiently behind his jab and establish it to the body and head over the first few rounds. And once he figured out the timing and rhythm of the explosive counter puncher, Triple G would start taking the fight to the inside and throwing short, compact hooks and uppercuts to the body and head of Canelo.”

“Golovkin vs Canelo would be all over about the fifth or sixth round. It would be lights out for Canelo Alvarez…Goodnight, Alvarez.”

Gogue further explains the reason behind his prediction.

“Golovkin is very proficient at mixing up the strength of his punches. He knows when to punch at the target and punch through the target."

"Because he doesn’t have to load up on every shot, he has the ability to work for all three minutes of every round and possesses a much more consistent work rate than Canelo.”

“Golovkin would eventually make Canelo work at a much faster pace than he’s used to and would eventually knock him out in the middle rounds. But it would be a great fight for all five or six of those rounds. It would be a modern day classic between two warriors.”

Look for this bout to materialize in May of 2016 if both fighters continue to stay in the win column.


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