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Golovkin vs Brook: Will bulked-up Brit knockout GGG?

Joseph Herron Updated
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On Wednesday, August 10, current WBA, IBF and WBC Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin and the unexpected September 10 challenger, current IBF Welterweight title holder Kell Brook, participated in WBC's customary 30-day pre-fight weigh-in, and the results were more than just a bit staggering to most interested observers.

While the 160 pound kingpin scaled in at this conventional 30-day weight of 165 pounds, the current 147 pound champ tipped the scales at a shocking 176 pounds. According to the 5 to 1 betting underdog, the maneuver was intentional.

"I want to be this heavy," insisted Kell Brook to Sky Sports News.

"I will be bringing the speed as well as the power into this fight. That speed is there and we are adding extra power to it. I am more durable because I am at a more natural weight. So I'll be using my feet as well as my speed and power in this fight."

"I'm going to shock the world, baby!" War a Week Radio's expert analyst and three decade fight trainer James Gogue claims the added weight won't make much difference in the outcome of the highly anticipated match-up.

"The only thing the added weight's going to do is prolong the ass-whipping Triple G is going to lay on Kell Brook," stated the respected boxing mentor and strategist.

"Call me after Brook takes the first hard shot on the chin, and let me know if the added pounds actually made any difference."

To the always candid fight trainer, the most important factor in the September 10 match-up will be whether or not Brook can "earn the respect" of the aggressive minded Middleweight champion and make him think twice about moving forward."

"GGG is a school yard bully, and he's going to be looking to take Kell Brook's lunch money on September 10," claims James Gogue. "Special K is a very athletic fighter, but he's not going to be able to keep Gennady off of him for twelve rounds unless he's able to get Triple G's attention early with hard, clean shots and force him to think twice about charging straight in."

Can Kell Brook put forth an elite level performance, just as Carl Frampton staged against former WBA Featherweight champion Leo Santa Cruz on July 30, using a combination of crafty footwork, a dominant jab and hard, crisp counters to control distance against a customarily proficient aggressor?

According to Gogue, Brook is no Carl Frampton.

"I have to see it to believe it," claims the thirty-five year boxing coach.

"I've never seen Kell use that kind of footwork against a fighter at Golovkin's level. I've never seen him control range that proficiently against another elite level talent. In the past, brook has had to rely on tying his opponent up as his defense whenever they get inside on him."

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have yet to see anyone successfully tie up Golovkin to neutralize his strengths on the inside. Do you really think a Welterweight is going to be able to manhandle Golovkin underneath and keep him from working effectively in the pocket?"


"Like I said, I'd have to see it to believe it. Because in my opinion, Kell Brook, as good as he is, doesn't have the footwork or intelligence of Carl Frampton. And if he does, I haven't seen it yet."

Gogue believes the fight between Golovkin and Brook will be decided by who can take who's punch best on September 10.

"We've already seen how Golovkin reacts from taking a good shot on the chin," observes the astute boxing strategist. "Let's see what happens once Kell Brook gets hit on the chin by one of the hardest pound for pound punchers in boxing.' "Then ask him if the added weight helped him out."


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