Golovkin vs Brook: Will age be an issue?

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When unified middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin enters the ring with top welterweight Kell Brook, the former will be seven months shy of 35.

Brook, of course, turned 30 in May.

Years ago, fighters in their mid 30s, especially non-heavyweights, were often considered over-the-hill or past their prime.

Will Father Time catch up with Golovkin come September 10?

  • The great Sugar Ray Leonard was only 34 when he was beaten and battered by a 23-year-old Terry Norris.

  • Julio Cesar Chavez was a few weeks shy of 34 when he was sliced and diced by a younger Oscar De La Hoya

  • Roberto Duran, at 33, was KO'd in two by a younger Thomas Hearns

  • A heavily-favored 33-year-old Thomas Hearns was floored twice in his decision loss to Iran Barkley

  • At 35, the awesome Pernell Whitaker tasted decisive defeat for the first time, losing a unanimous decision to Felix Trinidad.

  • And Superman, himself, Roy Jones Jr, started his monumental decent at 34, getting heavily touched-up in his narrow decision verdict to a slightly older but less shopworn Antonio Tarver. It would seemingly be Roy's last victorious hurrah on boxing's biggest stage.

But no one has been discussing Golovkin's age, and for good reason.

He's boxing's most destructive fighter and has recorded 22 consecutive knockouts. In fact, he just keeps getting better.

Has he even hit his prime yet?

Who cares if he's in his mid-30s? What matters in any craft or vocation are results, not one's age, youth or perceived views on age and youth.

Thanks to enhancements in training and nutrition as well as more few open minds, today's professional athletes, especially boxers, are able to thrive at ages that were once unimaginable.

Boxing is a sport of constant growth. It's a lot like life because there is always more to learn.

Age will not be an issue come September 10. However, given his 300 plus amateur fights, Golovkin may have a bit more wear and tear on his body than some think.

Non-heavyweights wilth long amateur careers, such as Roy Jones, Pernell Whitaker and Sugar Ray Leonard, tend to descend in their mid 30s.

Will Golovkin unexpectedly 'hit a brick wall' like Roy Jones, Jr?

Will he decline slowly over the next 5 years?

... Or will Golovkin be a dominant champion at 40?

Don't be surprised to see GGG on boxing's 2022 pound-for-pound list.

Golovkin vs Brook
| September 10, 2016 | HBO, Sky Sports


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