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GGG vs Martirosyan: Why Golovkin deserves praise for taking fight

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Upon hearing that Mexican superstar Saul Canelo Alvarez would back out of the highly anticipated return match with undefeated middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin, the latter decided to fight away.


It's certainly not because of his purse. GGG will earn only $1 Million tonight when he faces a very solid opponent in Vanes Martirosyan in Carson, CA.

"I wanted to remain active," Golovkin told HBO Boxing earlier this week.

"... This is my work and I love boxing and I wanted to be active, That's why."

Golovkin has the right mindset.

Fot starters, at 36 it's wise for GGG to stay active. Had he opted to wait for the rematch with Canelo in September, it would have been a year since he stepped in the ring. Staying busy is good for a fighter's weight, timing, reflexes and state of mind, especially if that fighter is in his mid 30s or more.

And let's not forget, Golovkin was fighting 3 and 4 times per year until recently. And while the names of several of those opponents were - and still are - obscure, GGG benefitted from staying sharp.

Boxing is like fine wine...
Back in the day, fighters like Julio Cesar Chavez Sr participated in numerous "tune-ups" yet got high ratings because real fans wanted to see a top craftsman ply his trade.

Real fans understood the privilege of watching a master at work, regardless the opponent.

Many Americans don't understand that today. They will, instead, criticize that star of cherry-picking.

Yes, the best should fight the best, but fans shouldn't expect the best to fight the best 10 of 10 times.

Americans still love boxing but want to see Ali vs Frazier, Gatti vs Ward and Hagler vs Hearns every single time and it doesn't happen that way and never has.

Let's give Golovkin some credit. It's not his fault Canelo failed the drug tests.

Instead of cruising back and getting ready for that rematch, GGG is facing a quality opponent he's had little time to prepare for despite the fact he isn't exactly breaking the bank with his purse.


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