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GGG vs. Brook: Odds starting to move in favor of Special K

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With the super fight featuring middleweight champion Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin and welterweight titlist Kell 'Special K' Brook just days away, betting odds are starting to tighten on most race & sports books worldwide!!

When the unexpected match-up was announced back in July, "Special K" was listed as an 8 to 1 betting underdog on many gambling sites, with Golovkin featured as high as a massive 12 to 1 favorite.

But after two check weigh-ins in which the current Welterweight titlist scaled in at a heavier weight than the naturally bigger defending champ, and an impressive showing at this week's public workout, action is starting to move in favor of the smaller but extremely confident Briton.

GGG vs Brook odds shift

According to Oddschecker.com, almost 60% of all bets wagered have been in favor of a straight-up Kell Brook win on Saturday night.

Consequently, at the time of publication, the 30 year old challenger is now shown to be a very live 4 to 1 betting underdog, with Golovkin's measure slipping as a competitive 6 to 1 favorite.

Why the sudden shift, if many are labeling the event to be an unfair mismatch?

Promoter Eddie Hearn has a theory as to why.

"He's so excited...and that's weird because I'm petrified," Hearn admitted to FightHype.com. "I was sitting on the sofa the other night, and I was watching 'Gennady Golovkin: KO Kings' on Sky Sports, and I was like 'Oh my God' after about ten minutes into it."

"But he's (Kell Brook) not bothered by that. He's genuinely excited to fight Gennady Golovkin."

"He's telling me that he feels unbelievable, and all that's on his mind is winning. He keeps saying, 'I'm so excited to fight this guy...and if I beat him, I'll be the biggest fighter in the world'. Something's going to happen on Saturday night."

All of the invaluable experience learned while under his father's tutelage leads him to believe that fans may be in for "something special" at the O2 Arena this weekend.

"Something's going to happen, I can just feel it," insists the young and ambitious fight promoter. "I don't know what it'll be, but this isn't going to go to plan. There's just too much drama, there's too much atmosphere, there's too much on the line with this fight, that I truly believe something special is going to happen on Saturday night."

"And I believe that something will be a Kell Brook win."

Will Special K's seemingly unshakable confidence be the intangible that earn's him a career defining win over the most feared Middleweight in the world?

Fight fans and heavy bettors will find out this Saturday night at the O2 Arena in London, England!!

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