Zimmerman vs DMX in celebrity boxing match?

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And you think Kimbo Slice vs Butterbean would be a freakshow? According to CNN, presumed neighborhood watchdog George Zimmerman will face rapper DMX in a boxing match tentatively scheduled for March 1 in Philadelphia.

The proceeds from the match will be donated to charity.

Zimmerman, of course, is the highly controversial figure who fatally shot and killed teenager Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012, and was subsequently acquitted after a very high-profile trial.

Insisting the idea was his brainchild, Zimmerman, who has apparently been in training for months, told Radar Online last month boxing is a hobby.

"Prior to the incident, I was actually going to the gym for weight loss and doing boxing-type training for weight loss," he told Radar.

"A mutual friend put me in contact with Damon and provided me with an opportunity and motivation to get back in shape and continue with my weight loss goals and also be able to help a charity out."

But if the 43 year old DMX has his way on March 1, Zimmerman, himself, will wind up a charity case.

DMX, who has sold over 30 million records, is one of the best-selling hip-hop artists ever and will enter the ring with bad intentions.

"I am going to beat the living f**k out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up," the former rapper told TMZ. 

But can he get in 'fighting shape' in three weeks? His 30 year old opponent has been training for months.

"The match will be one of the Biggest Celebrity Boxing matches of all time," said Damon Feldman, founder of Celebrity Boxing.

DMX: Ready to rumble

Keys to Victory

Does DMX have any boxing experience?  If not, Zimmerman should be the favorite since he's allegedly been training hard for months. After all, he probably wouldn't be generating all of this buzz if he was out of shape.

The Sweet Science is an artistic game of skill, technique, conditioning and strategy that can't be superseded by sheer desire, no matter how strong one's will to win is.

Unless he's a natural with freakishly athletic gifts, DMX is making a big mistake if he thinks anger and emotion can replace raw skill.

DMX: Unless you've been training too, your opponent already has a big advantage over you. Train like a monster for the next three weeks, get in some semblance of shape and enter the bout with a clear strategy centered on your jab.

You're four inches taller and probably have a longer reach so your jab will be vital. Devise strategies to outthink him. If he's been training for awhile, he can probably do things you can't but his ring I.Q. is probably very low so he may fall  prey for just about any trap you set.

Be conservative and tactful.

Zimmerman: You're 13 years younger and have been in training so the game plan is pretty easy.

Apply pressure on your opponent by taking the fight to him from the opening bell. Cut the distance and get inside. Don't fight him from the outside because he probably has a longer reach and will able to hit you at a range where you can't reach him.

Be wary of DMX's wild haymakers and make him work hard the first round because he may not be in shape to fight a whole three minutes. Once he starts sucking wind, go for the KO.

Intangible: If DMZ does has a background in boxing, Zimmerman might want to postpone this bout or make sure Damon has him heavily insured, both medical and dental.

Prediction: Does anyone really care? Actually, labeling this event a freakshow is an insult to freaks.

At least they will be fighting for charity….


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