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Levan Shonia: Boxer and coach take swings at each other after bout (Video)

Lee Cleveland Updated
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There were some interesting fireworks on the Pulev vs Fury undercard in Sophia, Bulgaria today.

Just when you think you've seen it all...

Sure, we've seen fighters and opposing trainers exchange harsh words or a push or a shove after a fight.

Heck, last year we saw one of Andre Dirrell's trainers unleash a bare-fisted combination at Dirrell's foe moments after the latter was disqualified. A ring riot near ensued as a result.

But today's story is different.... A fighter and his own trainer exchanged punches moments after the verdict was announced.

Russia’s Levan Shonia, upon learning he'd just lost, proceeded to unleash shots at his coach who fired right back.

Apparently, Shonia was fuming at the decision and wanted to continue fighting. Defying the referee, he pursued his opponent while taunting and gesturing. At that point, when Shonia's trainer attempted to calm his pupil the old man was met by a swift left-right combination.

Slow motion shows he slipped and rolled pretty well.

After a short break in the action, the pair would exchange punches again. 

In defense of the trainer. he was simply protecting himself against his boxer who instigated both skirmishes.


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