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Gennady Golovkin vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr: "Julio's weight on fight night isn't a big issue"

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While much has been made about the big million dollar provision negotiated between K2 Promotions and Top Rank, Inc, if either fighter fails to make the Super Middleweight limit on the day of the weigh-in, nothing has been mentioned about a weight ceiling on the day of the fight. Triple G's veteran trainer Abel Sanchez insists that Julio's weight on fight night isn't really a major concern for Team Golovkin.

(Image courtesy of Round by Round Boxing)

"I'm sure Bob Arum and Tom Loeffler have discussed it, but for me as a coach, I know that Chavez understands the importance of this fight and knows that he can't sacrifice himself prior to a fight with Gennady, like he's done in the past," professes the Summit Gym proprietor."

"If Julio prepares properly and doesn't sacrifice his body, his weight gain won't be that much on the day of the fight like we've seen before."

But is the experienced fight trainer giving Julio Cesar Chavez Junior more credit than he deserves?

His controversial training regimen and work habits were showcased for the world to see before his only other PPV appearance on HBO's popular promotional series, "Chavez/Martinez 24/7" back in September of 2012.

Seeing the WBC title holder workout in his living room while head trainer Freddie Roach waited for him at the Top Rank gym in Vegas was shocking for even his most vocal detractors.

Although Junior melted down to 158 pounds the day before he was slated to defend his WBC Middleweight title against "Maravilla" Martinez, Chavez denied the request of the HBO brass and refused to step on the scale again before the fight.

But most ringside observers, including Martinez trainer Pablo Sarmiento, commented that Chavez looked to be between 180 and 185 pounds during the twelve round contest.

Should we expect to see a Cruiserweight version of Chavez Jr. on July 19th if no weight provision is applied on fight night? While the potential PPV bout with Golovkin is still being negotiated, should Team Golovkin try to implement a weight ceiling for both fighters?

Sanchez claims that the weight won't be a factor either way.

"Gennady will be able to handle Chavez on fight night no matter what he weighs," claims the Big Bear Lake, California based trainer.

"Golovkin will probably enter the ring weighing around 172 on fight night, and the added weight won't hinder his speed and reflexes during the fight. Whereas Chavez, if he enters the ring weighing 20 to 25 pounds heavier, will be much slower and flat footed, and will be much easier for Gennady to hit throughout the fight."

Even though negotiations for the proposed July 19th meeting are still ongoing, Sanchez is hopeful that a big announcement will be made during the upcoming HBO PPV on April 12th.

"Tom Loeffler, Gennady Golovkin, and I are planning to be present at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on April 12th, for the Pacquiao/Bradley PPV," states Abel Sanchez. "Hopefully we will be announcing the fight between Gennady and Julio for July 19th."

Hopefully, indeed.


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