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Gennady Golovkin vs. James Toney at 160 pounds...who wins?

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After dispatching perennial contender Marco Antonio Rubio in dramatic and impressive fashion in front of a sold out StubHub Center in Carson, California, WBA/IBO and newly crowned interim WBC Middleweight Champion Gennady Golovkin has become the toast of the boxing world.

With crushing world class power, coupled with a solid chin and a high level of technical proficiency, Triple G has developed into one of the best fighters in boxing and one of the most feared men in the entire sport.

While fight fans have seen him mow through the gatekeepers and fringe contenders of the Middleweight division, questions remain as to how the Kazakh warrior would fare against the other title holders at 160 pounds.

Because of his improved economic clout, fight fans could see big PPV match-ups against Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, or Andre Ward materialize in 2015. But until that time, no one is 100% certain how Gennady Golovkin will manage when pitted against elite level competition.

And just for the sake of curiosity and mythical debate, how would Triple G cope with the great Middleweights of recent memory?

Three decade fight trainer and fight strategist James Gogue delves into the unknown and examines a mythical match-up between today's version Gennady Golovkin and a Middleweight rendition of defensive master James Toney.

"That would have been a great fight for the real fans of boxing," professes the experienced boxing mentor. "The offensive machine versus the defensive and counterpunching master."

"In my opinion, James Toney would have beaten this version of Gennady Golovkin."

Boxing genius and fight trainer James Gogue, center, with a few of his fans.
It takes decades of dedication to reach his level of boxing mastery.

James Picture 2

"With his athletic shoulder roll and his counter punching ability, as well as his exceptionally high ring I.Q. and world class chin, I think a Middleweight version of James Toney defeats Triple G in a hypothetical match-up."

Although one can never be sure about pairings of a mythical nature, the knowledgeable coach and strategist expounds further to support his theory.

"Toney was fearless," observes James Gogue.

"Anyone who has the courage to move up to the Heavyweight division and take on a murderous puncher like big Samuel Peter at age 39 after beginning his career as a Middleweight has absolutely no fear of any fighter's best punch...especially at 160 pounds."

"Gennady has world class power, but James had a world class beard, an iron resolve, and could punch at Middleweight as well. Triple G is currently facing good fighters, but no one who can really cause him a lot of problems or make him think twice about sitting in the pocket and exchanging."


"With his hand speed, ring vision, reflexes, and athleticism, James would have been able to make Gennady reconsider standing inside and trading underneath."

"His ability to throw fast, sharp combinations were beautiful to watch. Toney's defensive skills and his ability to roll and counter effectively would have given Golovkin too many problems."

"Unfortunately, you don't see fighters like James these days. He was special. His mental and physical durability, mixed with his athleticism and ring intelligence made him a unique fighting machine at 160 pounds. Not many fighters have all of the attributes to execute the roll/counter technique to perfection...that's what made James such an exceptional fighter."

"I take nothing away from Gennady Golovkin though. He's a great fighter and a future star of the sport. And it takes two great fighters to make a legendary fight. That's what a fight between a Middleweight version of James Toney and this rendition of Gennady Golovkin would be...a legendary fight."

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