Gennady Golovkin vs Bernard Hopkins?

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Fifty year old fight legend Bernard Hopkins insists he's ready to jump in the ring with boxing's top knockout artist, unified middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin.

In November, following his one-sided loss to Sergey Kovalev, Hopkins shocked the boxing world when he stated he wanted to face boxing's most destructive fighter pound-for-pound in his proverbial 'last hurrah.'

And earlier this week, the fighter dubbed 'B-HOP' reiterated his objectives.

Hopkins told sensational boxing reporter Radio Rahim via BoxingScene he would have fought Golovkin for a mere $50,000 back in the day and suggested other fighters have refused $2 million offers to face the menacing middleweight.

Admitting he'd have to be at his absolute best to step in the ring with Gennady, B-HOP also compared Golovkin's domination of the middleweight division to his own. 

Should Hopkins, after his nasty loss to Kovalev, even be considering Golovkin as a possible foe?

"At this point in his career, Bernard Hopkins is a mere shell of himself," fight trainer Ronnie Shields told War a Week Radio last November.

"Everyone saw in his last performance that he can no longer beat any of the top tier fighters in boxing."

"In my opinion, Bernard cannot defeat Gennady Golovkin at age 50, and it would really surprise me if Tom Loeffler of K2 Promotions agreed to this fight."

"If he fights a hard punching champion like Gennady Golovkin in 2015, he's going to be no different than other great fighters in history who stayed in the sport too long and got hurt."

"It's sad to watch, but it's part of a prizefighter's mental make-up to believe that he always has one more left in them. They love being a part of the big events and hearing the roar of the's like an addiction. It's hard for a prizefighter to just give that up and walk away from the sport."

Despite his lack of overall competitiveness against arguably the best light heavyweight in boxing last fall, B-HOP still managed to dodge many of Kovalev's murderous shots, was successful in creating drama at times and remained a constant threat of sorts, especially when desperation set in late in the fight.

In going the distance with the 'Krusher' and forcing the Russian to fight more tentatively than he is accustomed, Bernard accomplished what perhaps no other light heavyweight is capable of.

Against Kovalev, B-HOP earned a personal, Pyrrhic victory and may have enough leverage to justify his continuance in boxing at the sport's highest level. 

But let's not fool ourselves...  Bernard Hopkins need not fight Gennady Golovkin at this stage of the former's career.

If you absolutely must fight again, stick with James DeGale, Bernard.

Interview video is below.
Courtesy of Radio Rahim/ BoxingScene


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