Gennady Golovkin: Should he return in December?

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If you're hoping to see former middleweight champion Gennady 'GGG' fight again in December, don't hold your breathe.

Golovkin, of course, is fresh off the first loss of his career - a close 12 round points verdict to Canelo Alvarez earlier this month.

And while there's been early talk of a possible third fight with Canelo in May or September 2019, there have been rumors that Gennady might opt for a stay-busy match by year's end.

K2 promoter Tom Loeffler met with GGG this afternoon (9/25/18) to discuss what's next for the knockout artist.

"He's just taking some time off, reflecting on everything," Loeffler told

"He hasn't said when he wants to fight again. He's still very disappointed with the decision, as we all are."

"I don't think he's going to fight(again) this year," added Loeffler.

Having fought in May (KO 2 vs Vanes Martirosyan) and earlier this month, a December bout would likely do little for GGG. In fact, it could do more harm than good. What if he got cut, experienced a drop in stock because he struggled mightily against a mid-tier opponent or, most of all, was upset?

But, there's another side to that debate...

Getting back on the winning track via a dominant KO victory could prove to be a confidence boost for a fighter. Losses, regardless of whether they are controversial, can leave a bad taste in the mouth of a warrior champion so a subsequent quick win can help him psychologically 'get his grove back.'

After going 24 rounds with Daniel Jacobs and Canelo last year, GGG must have relished his dominant KO win over Martirosyan in May. It was his first stoppage since September 2016 and probably restored a little lost swagger, psychologically, heading into Canelo vs GGG 2.

Also, at 36, the idea of frequent tune-ups isn't such a bad idea for many reasons. He wouldn't have to worry about ring rust, such as having to get back his timing, accuracy and coordination back after spending months away from the gym.

Moreover, training for such fights helps keep an older fighter's weight down while boosting recovery time.

In the end, and in this case, it's probably best for Golovkin to wait. Should Canelo vs GGG 3 happen next September, a tune-up in March, April or May would make more sense. Should it happen in May, it might be wise for Team Golovkin to bypass a tune-up.

Referring to Canelo vs GGG 3, Loeffler added, "That's the biggest fight still in boxing. So I think that would be everyone's priority, to see when a third fight can be made."

There's been talk about Canelo fighting in December, too. As the champion, the winner of Canelo vs GGG 2 and the A-side, Alvarez has a little more leverage. Should he suffer an injury, such as a broken nose or severely cut eye lid, he'd have more wiggle room than Golovkin when negotiating the third fight. Also, in the worst case scenario, a rematch clause would afford him an immediate second try if he were to be upset in the interim. Hence, he'd get a chance to redeem himself and win back his titles prior to facing Golovkin again.


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