Gennady Golovkin: Honorary Mexican Champion?

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The passionate Hispanic fight fans have always embraced the brave combatants who subscribe to the ring philosophy of "speak softly and carry a big stick"...fighters who handle their business in the ring like professionals, and don't engage in disrespectful trash talk or showboating.

Men like Ruben Oliveras, Salvador Sanchez, Miguel Canto, Ricardo Lopez, Kid Azteca, Carlos Zarate, and the incomparable Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. were all beloved Mexican warriors who captured the hearts of an entire nation and were celebrated throughout their respective careers as national heroes.

Even more recently, exciting pugilists like Erik Morales, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Marco Antonio Barrera have enjoyed a legion of die-hard Mexican fans who supported their eventual passage to boxing legend, and are considered to be treasures of Hispanic heritage.

Although a proud native of Kazakhstan, current WBA Middleweight Champion Gennady Golovkin seems to be cut from a similar cloth of boxing lineage. As a result, Hispanic fight fans everywhere seem to be gravitating towards the hard working and harder punching Triple G.

As a testament to his new found popularity among the largest demographic of boxing fans in the world, Gennady will be headlining a sold out StubHub Center in Carson, California, this Saturday night; a feat that most active Hispanic fighters have yet to accomplish.

Has Gennady Golovkin become an honorary member of the Hispanic fight culture?

"This is my style, like Mexican Style," states the always humble 160 pound title holder. "This is fight...this is not game, this is fight. I love fight!"

On October 10, recording artist Omar Cruz and ESPN LA's Mario Ruiz, of the "Max & Marcellus" radio show, released "Mexican Style" via LAB Records; a song and video that pays homage to the popular Middleweight Champion.

In the attached music video, the lyrics of the rap tune seem to sum up why this heavy handed champion is currently being heralded among die-hard fight fans everywhere as the most exciting fighter in the entire sport.

With a perfect record and 17 straight wins by knock-out, as well as a respectful and humble demeanor outside of the ring, does Gennady Golovkin have the fight style and personality to become a mainstream superstar?

With a rapidly growing and galvanized Hispanic fan base, Triple G is making a very convincing argument as to why he should be recognized as the next big star of boxing.

Gennady Golovkin: Next fight date and time
When: Saturday, October 18
Time: 10PM ET
Broadcast: HBO


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