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Gennady Golovkin: Will hard-punching warrior price himself out of GGG fight?

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It's been reported that representatives for Gennady Golovkin (36-0 33 KO) are currently negotiating a December match-up with Middleweight contender and "Regular" WBA title holder Danny Jacobs (32-1, 29 KO).

The pairing was ordered by the World Boxing Association on September 10, with both parties given 30 days to work out a successful fight deal. In the event Team Golovkin and Team Jacobs can't come to a mutual agreement within the alloted time, the match-up would go to a subsequent "purse bid" in accordance with the WBA bylaws.

Even though most fight fans are hopeful a mutual accord will be made between both camps within the given period, many industry insiders believe the title challenger and Brooklyn native could price himself out of his opportunity to compete for the Super WBA Middleweight championship by demanding too much or expecting more money than his current market value indicates.

Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin's head trainer, Abel Sanchez, recently shared his thoughts with War a Week Radio on the possibility of Golovkin vs Jacobs not taking place.

"I certainly hope both sides can come to an agreement," stated the experienced boxing coach. "Because I think Danny Jacobs versus Gennady would make for a great fight. Danny seems to have all of the tools to trouble Gennady, and give the fans an entertaining fight."

"The fight has been ordered by the WBA, but I think I saw an interview in which he stated he had a magic number in his mind; and if that magic number was not met, then the fight wouldn't happen. In that case, the WBA would have to strip him, which would be unfortunate, because I think it's a great fight."

Despite earning the distinction of mandatory challenger to the Super WBA Middleweight crown in August of 2014 and sporting an 88 percent knockouts-to-fights ratio, Jacobs hasn't been able to increase his market value and become a marquee box office or ratings draw...even in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York.

On December 6, 2015 Jacobs participated in his biggest event to date, headlining a Showtime Sports fight card at NYC's Barclays Center against former WBO Middleweight champion and fellow Brooklynite Peter Quillin, in which both fighters earned an ostensibly inflated purse of $1.5 million a piece. 

With the expensive $3 million purse for the main event alone, the event only attracted 8,442 fans and drew a dismal 386,000 viewers on Showtime Championship Boxing.

Although the event was a commercial failure, Jacobs scored a huge critical hit by stopping his highly touted opponent in the first stanza of their scheduled twelve round championship bout. Unfortunately the current Regular WBA title holder wasn't able to properly capitalize on any momentum garnered by the performance, fighting only once in 2016 against Sergio Mora in Reading, Pennsylvania, just a few weeks ago.

And because of his oversized payday of $1.5 million to face the lesser acclaimed Quillin last year, most are fearing that Danny Jacobs will indeed expect an even heftier purse to take on a perceived greater challenge in current Middleweight kingpin Gennady Golovkin, consequently pricing himself out of the proposed event.

Trainer Abel Sanchez is hopeful Jacobs understands his current worth within the business of boxing.

"The one thing I would have to say about Danny Jacobs is that he's been very honest about his career," the three decade fight trainer told War a Week Radio.

"He's been very truthful about where he believes he's at. When he first won the title, he stated that he needed a few more fights to be at the level of a Gennady ...so hopefully he'll understand that GGG is the A-side attraction throughout this negotiation process."

To make matters worse, the WBA isn't as generous to its "second tier" champions as other sanctioning organizations like the WBC.

According to the Bylaws of the World Boxing Association, item 9 of section D, the regulations clearly state in the event of a purse bid that their "Super Champion", Gennady Golovkin, would be entitled to 75% of the final bid proceeds, and the "Challenger", even if it is the sanctioning organization's "regular or interim" champion, would receive only 25%.

So if the Gennady vs Danny fight isn't negotiated successfully by October 10, and the match-up gets pushed to a purse bid, there's a very good chance Jacobs will be entitled to only a fraction of what he made for 2:08 of work in December of 2015.

Will the proud Brooklyn native and influential adviser Al Haymon accept such an offer?

The boxing world is hopeful that Danny Jacobs will elect to seize this once in a career opportunity and take on Gennady Golovkin in December.

Jacobs vs Mora highlights - Sept 2016


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