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Gennady Golovkin crushes reporter's hand (VIDEO)

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While recently conducting a final media workout at the Summit Gym in Big Bear Lake, California, Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin was displaying more than just his skills in the ring to some of the visiting press.

When boxing correspondent Marcos Villegas of FightHub TV asked Triple G how big his forearms were, the Kazakh power puncher gave the fight analyst an up close and "personal" view of his "brachioradialis".

Gennady said, "I'll show you," to the affable boxing reporter.

GGG then reached out his right hand, and clutched Villegas with a death grip from hell!!

"Ow!! Jesus Christ, dude" exclaimed the reporter while wincing in pain. "That was hard, man...that was painful!"

After finally letting go of Villegas' right palm, the "curious" ringside observer made an additional blunder and asked Golovkin yet another seemingly foolish question.

"Which hand his your strong hand," questioned Marcos Villegas.

The 34 year old champion stretched out his left hand and gripped the commentator's opposite hand.

"F***," Villegas yelled once again, and conceded by tapping on Golovkin's midsection with his already damaged right hand.

"That hurt...that hurt," admitted Marcos. "That felt like a 200 pound guy."

Unfortunately for Kell Brook, he's going to receive the full arsenal of Golovkin's power on September 10, when the two undefeated champions meet in the ring.

After crushing both of his hands, Villegas asked GGG about the upcoming championship fight against the seemingly "blown-up" Welterweight.

"I think this is great fight for us," stated Gennady Golovkin to FightHubTV. "If he stays right in front of me, I think he's finished...I beat him. If he's moving, I think a little bit longer...maybe not decision fight, maybe 10 or 8 rounds."

"I need just a couple of rounds to understand my strategy and find him. No problem."

After the interview was completed, Gennady motioned to shake Villegas' hand once again.

"Now we'll shake hands, but don't crush my hand like you did earlier," stated the FightHub TV reporter.

This guy has the grip strength of the 200 pound bear, if not more!"

The scheduled 12 round, Middleweight championship fight will be televised from London, England, on HBO World Championship Boxing with a special live start time of 5:30PM ET.

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