Garcia vs Broner purses: Too much risk?

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Tonight, Adrien Broner and Mikey Garcia  will meet in NYC for a 12-round affair. And while there's not a major title on the line, the result will (partially) impact the landscape of three divisions (lightweight, super lightweight and welterweight) and create a new and serious powerbroker in the sport.

Garcia vs Broner is getting a lot of buzz for good reason. However, one wouldn't know that by looking at the fighters' purses.

Broner vs Garcia purses
Per the New York State Athletic Commission via ESPN, both fighters will receive a guranteed $1 Million USD purse.

In today's world of spoiled athletes and boxers refusing to take risks, Mikey and Adrien and their teams should be commended for facing each other for the above payout. Hence, the argument could be made Broner vs Garcia is too much risk for the reward for both guys, especially Adrien.

Let's face it, Broner has received more for facing lesser opponents. His highest payout is believed to be about 1.75M. Ironically, that bout, against Marcos Maidana in December 2013, served as his first loss.

For his March 2015 win over John Molina, Broner earned $1.25M. His  12th Round TKO win over Khabib Allakhverdiev also garnered $1M.

The Billion Dollar Man and Ted DiBiase
Boastful and arrogant, Broner makes it no secret he loves money and insists 'AB' stands for 'About Billions' instead of 'Adrien Broner.'  And his antics are true to form and very reminiscent of Ted DiBiase "The Million Dollar Man,' an iconic pro wrestler during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The self-proclaimed 'Million Dollar Man' of World Wrestling Frederation (WWF), now World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), was a villainous character fans loved to hate. But DiBiase wasn't all talk and disposed of opponents with his inescapable sleeper hold before stuffing $100 bills into their unconscious mouths.

Controversial and highly colorful, Broner, like DiBiase's character before him, flaunts his cash and brags about his wealth, much to the disdain of many. In fact, he has been videotaped flushing money down a toilet.

However, without his antics, Adrien Broner wouldn't be 'Adrien Broner.'

Nevertheless, some would suggest Broner is more 'About Thousands' than billions because stock has plummeted in recent years. In order to get back on track and become one of boxing's biggest cash cows, he must win tonight.

Purse penalty adverted
Had either fighter failed to make weight, the penalty would have been $500,000. Yes, half of their respective purses.

Adrien has had problems making weight (dating back to 2012) for fights under the 147-pound limit so there was some pre-fight intrigue created as fans the media anxious waited to see if Broner would come in over the 140 pound limit.

Regretting the purported Jay Z offer?
In January 2015, it was reported by numerous media outlets that music mogul Jay-Z offered three-division world titlist Adrien Broner an unconditional, five year deal worth $40 million to fight under his newly formed promotional group, "Roc Nation Sports".

... That's $8 Million per fight... A payout eight times greater than he's making tonight.

Broner vs Garcia news
Date: July 29
Broadcast: Showtime

Division: Super lightweight (140 lbs)
Titles: None
Rounds: 12

Although most fighters would jump at the chance to make that kind of money, the outspoken and often purposely abrasive fighter from Cincinnati, Ohio, rejected the influential rapper's generous offer in a not-so-professional manner.

"These type emails I turn down," Broner posted on his preferred social media outlet."

"What the f*** is 40 million for 5 years? Ha! Somebody go tell Jay Z to s**k my d*** with a elephant tongue...WE GOOOOOD!!!!!"

Adrien quickly apologized for his reply.

Perhaps Broner had already signed with Al Haymon at the time? If not, one must wonder how much he regrets not giving Jay Z a chance.


Adrien Broner flushing money down the toilet


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