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Saturday, August 18, former lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury will continue his highly publicized comeback to the ring against former world title challenger and perennial “opponent to the stars” Francesco Pianeta.

The scheduled ten round special attraction will take place at Windsor Park in Belfast, Northern Ireland in front of an estimated 30K ticket holders as part of the “Carl Frampton vs. Luke Jackson” undercard.

Fury vs Wilder on tap?
Although history has taught us that it’s customarily unwise to look past any professional opponent in the squared circle, especially within the hard-punching heavyweight division, most interested observers consider Fury’s bout to be nothing more than a virtual advertisement for an anticipated championship pairing opposite current WBC title holder Deontay Wilder.

To support the sentiment, the always outspoken Wilder will be ringside, serving as a guest announcer for the Showtime Championship Boxing broadcast team.

If “Wilder vs. Fury” was an upcoming “Avengers” movie slated for a Thanksgiving Weekend release, this weekend’s fight against Pianeta would be nothing more than the MCU’s first “Red Band Trailer”.

According to the American champion from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the showdown is imminent and very close to materializing.

“Me and Tyson Fury will definitely be fighting,” stated the undefeated WBC Heavyweight champion in an interview with PBC Jabs. “We’ll ‘seal the deal’ if he (Fury) can get a win on Saturday. I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll do what he has to do and get this fight out of the way, so we can start preparing for the battle of the real kings of the Heavyweight division.”

Pianeta will lose...and lose convincingly on Saturday. But will the German-based Italian serve as an ample “tune-up” for arguably the hardest puncher and most athletic fighter in boxing’s unlimited weight division?

Wilder believes the question is a moot one.

“I have no doubt Fury will be in shape when we step in the ring,” stated the 32 year old champion. “Most guys get in the best shape of their career when they find out they’ll be facing me...they’d better be, because I’m a very dangerous man.”

“Fury is a champion, and he knows what it takes to get ready for a fight of this magnitude. He’ll be ready.”

Fury vs Wilder preview
Will the self proclaimed “Gypsy King” indeed be ready for an elite level match-up against the undefeated champion later this year?

Maybe...Maybe not.

Subsequent to capturing championship gold in November of 2015, the polarizing fighter suffered a mental and physical breakdown, exhibiting some potentially career damaging and life threatening behavior, which included binge drinking, drug-use and uncontrollable eating habits.

Despite reaching the pinnacle of boxing and having a lovingly supportive family around him, the enigmatic boxing personality admittedly suffered from depression, with frequent thoughts of suicide. After reaching a personal low-point and an extremely unhealthy 350 pounds, the proud champ eventually decided to turn his life around in 2017, and began training for an eventual 2018 comeback to the ring.

While Fury indeed deserves a standing ovation for having the courage and bravery to deliver an impressive KO in his personal battle with depression and ongoing fight with perpetual demons, the self-destructive behavior will more than likely prove to have taken its toll on his body.

Most would be very surprised if the two-year stint outside of the ring didn’t have lingering effects on Fury’s championship career. Especially when contemplating a “direct-route” strategy from Pianeta to Wilder in just a matter of months.

In the immortal words of Teddy Atlas: “Fury will be going from the wading pool to the ocean by moving from Pianeta to Wilder.”

Will the braggadocious ex-champ be in the kind of shape it will take to defeat a confident, hard-punching and undefeated champion like Deontay?

To add to the ever growing mound of adversity for Tyson, the fight is expected to take place in hostile territory for the traveling former lineal champion. Despite earning his first world title while fighting abroad in the incumbent champion’s backyard in 2015, most anticipate the massive undertaking to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, in front of a PPV audience.

Does Fury have the mental capacity to handlethat kind of pressure?

After facing thoughts of suicide and living with massive bouts of depression, perhaps the big, bad WBC champion doesn’t seem “so big” or “so bad” to the enigmatic 30 year old.

Maybe that mindset will eventually be Fury’s undoing when facing the “Bronze Bomber” later this year.

When sizing up this pairing and reviewing the style match-up, most intangibles favor the current WBC champion.

Despite being able to shut-down Wlad Klitschko’s offense in 2015, Tyson’s ability to control range won’t be as proficient against an “effective-aggressor” in Deontay Wilder.

The younger “K Bro” was a counter puncher by trade and would never been mistaken for his older, more aggressive-minded sibling.

Most of Wladimir’s opponents chose to adopt a more aggressive mentality in the ring and pursued the longstanding, weak-chinned champion when challenging him in his adopted home country. When finally faced with a taller and surprisingly athletic fighter who could effectively use the entire ring while frequently switching from orthodox to southpaw, the incumbent champion froze in the ring. Klitschko had no answer for the switch-hitting enigma named Tyson Fury.

In contrast, Wilder has never shown a deficiency when being forced to adopt the role of aggressor in the ring. And unless Fury possesses the speed and counter punching power of Luis Ortiz, the gifted boxer/puncher will have a very hard time earning Wilder’s respect and controlling range during the first three to five rounds of the suggested Heavyweight showdown.

Coupled with the kind of ring rust Tyson will inevitably experience against a strong, fast and physically primed heavyweight champion, the scheduled twelve round affair could be over very quickly.

Whatever eventually happens in the ring, Wilder vs Fury is a great, dramatic story, isn’t it?

It’s exactly what the sport of boxing needs right now.

Expect Wilder vs. Fury to be announced shortly after the gallant and often abrasive Tyson Fury takes care of business this Saturday in Belfast.

At the very least, we can all agree that the 30 year old enigma has the kind of courage and bravery fans will pay to see in the ring.

Share your thoughts as we preview Fury vs Wilder.


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