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Fury vs Wilder 2 Prediction: British writer has no doubt in colorful piece

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The Sun's esteemed Colin Hart published an op-ed or sorts earlier today, 'BOMB ALERT: Deontay Wilder is most brutal hitter I have ever seen and WILL KO tiring Tyson Fury in the rematch.'

Hart, a veteran of the fight game, insists he's had a close-up view of some of the hardest punchers in the 131-year history of the heavyweight division and leaves no doubt as to what his Fury vs Wilder 2 prediction is.

Acknowledging Fury's defensive savvy, Hart concludes his article by saying:

"But here’s the $64million question. Has he [Fury] the mental strength to concentrate for every second of the scheduled 36 minutes?

Hart predicts Wilder will KO a fatigued Fury in the 9th or 10th Round because Tyson will eventually make a mistake and Wilder will subsequently capitalize - and seal the deal this time.

Hart likens Tyson Fury to a bomb disposal officer clearing a minefield, 'knowing if he makes one false move he’ll be blown to smithereens.'

Indeed, Fury has to fight more flawlessly than Wilder. But, what about their first encounter? Fury survived two knockdowns, one of which would have knocked down a tree.

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The British boxing writer, describing Wilder as the hardest puncher he's ever seen, doesn't think Wilder will 'let him off the hook in the rematch.'

"I’ve seen nearly 70 world heavyweight championship battles and have had a close-up view of some of the hardest hitters in the 131-year history of the division," Hart wrote in the popular publication The Sun.

"George Foreman, Smokin’ Joe Frazier, Earnie Shavers and Mike Tyson are a few lengths in front of the field."

"Coming up on the rails are Lennox Lewis, Riddick Bowe, Evander Holyfield, Larry Holmes, Frank Bruno, Anthony Joshua and Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko."

"But for me, Wilder is the most terrifying of them all. That rigor mortis right hand of his is the most devastating punch I’ve ever seen."

"Twice he [Fury] had to haul himself off the canvas and we are still in awe at how he beat the count in the 12th and final round."


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Describing Fury's situation as perilous, Hart acknowledges Wilder was being thoroughly outboxed by Luis Ortiz last year until the latter made a costly mistake.

".. Just before the bell sounded to end the halfway mark he made his one and only mistake — he left a small gap in his defences. The ever-patient Wilder pounced with the speed of a striking cobra and detonated his lethal right against Ortiz’s temple."

wilder vs ortiz 2 prediction

"Poor Luis must have felt he had run into a ten-ton truck."

Insisting Tyson Fury 'will be walking a tightrope all night,' Hart seems to believe Fury can survive by frustrating Deontay by keeping Wilder on the end of that long jab, tying up the champion in close quarters, moving well, and switching to southpaw on occasion.

To Hart's comments above, FightSaga's Joseph Herron, in his article 'Wilder vs Fury 2: Will Tyson use B-Hop tactic to frustrate Bronze Bomber in rematch?,' suggests something similar by predicting Fury will take a page out of the Bernard Hopkins Handbook on "How to Frustrate Your Opponents."

bernard hopkins vs kelly pavlik ii

"Hopkins was a master at shifting position and adjusting range on his opponents during a fight," Herron wrote.

"B-Hop would regularly move laterally, then quickly jump in with a left hook or straight right hand while subsequently turning his opponents so they couldn't counter effectively."

And when his opponents were clever enough to turn, Hopkins would tie them up.

Herron and Hart seem to have the right game plan for Fury.... Create frustration.

But, again, can Tyson do that for 36 minutes without making a mistake?

As we've seen, Fury can school Wilder with his boxing ability, head movement and footwork. But, we also know Wilder can hurt - and floor - Fury with a single punch.

Don't be surprised if Fury wins the first 5 or 6 rounds... The middle and latter rounds will be the biggest test for both fighters, especially Fury.

Plaese share you Fury vs Wilder 2 prediction.


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