Fury vs Wallin: C'mon, it's not that bad

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When it was announced boxing superstar Tyson Fury would be facing Otto Wallin next, the boxing community wasn't exactly overjoyed.

In fact, 'What the f**k is this?' is probably the most accurate reflection of how fight fans feel about Fury vs Wallin.

But fans should understand Wallin is a tune-up for Tyson as he'll most certainly face the winner of Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz (November 9) early next year.

If you're Team Fury, you're probably thinking, 'Why should we jeopardize the massive rematch with Wilder by facing dangerous opponents like Alexander Povetkin, Filip Hrgovic, Adam Kownacki or even longtime rival David Price?'

But, this fight's critics have a point... After having already faced lightly-regarded Tom Schwarz in a showcase in June, Fury was expected to face a more threatening opponent this time. Instead, Fury appears to be backtracking, facing an opponent who is less threatening than Schwarz.

Yes, we're a bit disappointed.... 

But, on the bright side, we'll likely see another entertaining performance.

Remember watching the 6'9" Fury dodge that fast five-punch combination when Schwarz had him against the ropes? It was beautiful. Have you ever seen a fella his size move like that?

And let's not forget that awesome ring walk when Tyson recreated Apollo Creed's entrance from Rocky IV (minus James Brown of course).

Absolutely classic.

Fury vs Schwarz wasn't competitive but it sure was fun. And I have a feeling Fury vs Wallin will be fun, too.

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As for the opponent
Let's not forget Wallin is an undefeated southpaw who'll be getting the opportunity of a lifetime. Boxing is a sport where "opportunity" means everything, and few fighters get a chance like this so expect Otto to be motivated and focused.

Wallin is also from Sweden, a country where pro boxing was banned from 1970 until early 2007. Fury vs Wallin will serve as a big moment for Swedish athletics and, perhaps, bring more Swedes under the boxing tent.

Otto Wallin: Signicant Fights

Won UD 12 Granat 
Apr 21, 2018


Yes, we would have preferred Tyson Fury vs Povetkin, Hrgovic, Kownacki or Price. But, let's sit back and enjoy the show because it won't be boring for as long as it lasts.

And rest assured, if Fury gets past Wallin the Brit will be paired with a very dangerous opponent next time.

There's always something special about watching fighters like Fury, Hector Camacho and Muhammad Ali strut their stuff, no matter who the opponent is. 


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