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Fury vs Schwarz: Could Wallin learn anything from short beating?

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Tonight, heavyweight Swede Otto Wallin will be a massive underdog when he faces superstar Tyson Fury in Las Vegas.

Many are calling Fury vs Wallin a mismatch yet Otto insists he won't be a pushover.

Did he see something in Fury's most recent bout against Tom Schwarz he thinks he'll be able to expose?

Fury vs Schwarz didn't last two rounds so it's likely Team Wallin studied Fury's 12 round affair against WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder more closely as well as his bout previous to that, a 10 rounder against Francesco Pianeta in August 2018.

Nevertheless, there were some tidbits to take home in Fury's short bout with Schwarz that ended when the referee halted the action during a Fury assault in the waning seconds of the second round.

Fury TKO 2 Schwarz
June 15, 2019
MGM Grand Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Rusty no more
The 6'9" Fury proved hard to hit, again. When Schwarz once had his foe against the ropes, Tom failed to land a punch in a series of shots. This version of Fury, fluid and crisp, looked to be the best we've seen on his comeback.

Usually cautious, Fury was aggressive and showed no fear of Schwarz's power.

It wasn't a fight; Fury gave a "performance" (figuratively and literally), as he promised. In fact, he entered the ring to James Brown's Rocky IV hit Livin' in America; And his trunks, gloves and ringwalk steps resembled the fictional Apollo Creed's in the aforementioned movie.

Takeaways for Wallin
Fury made it no secret he wanted to be entertaining against Schwarz and has made the same promise for the Wallin fight tonight. If I'm Otto Wallin, I'd try to use that against him. Perhaps he could play possum against the ropes and surprise Fury while the Brit is trying to land showy punches?

Second, according to BoxStat.co, Tyson landed only 25 percent of his shots against Schwarz, including Tyson's foray in the last 30 seconds of Round 2 which was essentially target practice. If you're Wallin, try to make the big guy expend a lot of energy. Try to make him miss early on and then 'make him miss and make him pay' if Fury is dragged into the trenches late in the fight.

Punches Thrown / Landed
Fury 150/37 (25%)
Schwarz 37/8 (22%)

Third, Schwarz held his own in the first round and caught Fury with a hard counter-punch early. It might behoove Wallin to try to land something hard in the first minute of the fight while Tyson is still trying to get acclimated to his style.

Lastly,  Wallin must be wary of the Fury uppercut. It's the punch that changed everything in the Schwarz fight. Schwarz was progressing OK until Fury blasted two vicious uppercuts that found their target and hurt his foe on both occasions.

There's not a lot Team Wallin could learn from Fury vs Schwarz but are definitely a few tidbits worth mentioning.


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