Freddie Roach: "Foot Stomping Wasn't an Issue"

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With the controversial Pacquiao/Marquez III verdict still etched into our memory, world renowned trainer Freddie Roach offers his opinion on whether or not the "Foot Stomping" issue was a detriment to his fighter's performance; which took place in Las Vegas, NV, on November 12th.

"When lefties fight righties it happens all the time. When I fought Camacho, I knocked him down by stepping on his foot. It was really a slip, but they counted it anyway. So it happens and it's part of fighting a southpaw, so I don't think it should be that big of an issue."

Most boxing fans are indeed aware that when a southpaw fighter faces an orthodox opponent, their front feet occasionally get crossed. This fact of boxing is not the dilemma that most Pacquiao supporters have when evaluating both fighters' performances.

Most Pacaquiao fans are somewhat perturbed with the theory that Marquez intentionally tried to pin down the front foot of Manny Pacquiao to hinder his movement.

Mr. Roach gives his take on the matter.

"Did he do it by design? Possibly...but the thing is that it's part of the sport. I teach guys to do it myself. When you fight a southpaw, you take advantages that are there. Did Marquez do that? Possibly...but don't make an issue out of it. That's what happens in's part of the sport."

Regardless of what Mr. Roach's opinion on the matter is, it seems highly unlikely that the contrasting opinions of the ongoing Pacquiao vs Marquez feud will change anytime soon.

A fourth fight between the two all-time great fighters seems to be inevitable at this juncture. The real question fight fans should be focused on is who would win Part IV and what can either fighter do to create a different outcome?

To view's entire recorded interview with Freddie Roach, please scroll down to the video player below.


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