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“Floyd wants the fight with Pacquiao,” claims Mayweather adviser (Video)

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Although eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao has been unwavering in his willingness to make a mega fight with Floyd Mayweather for 2015, many fight fans and ringside observers have questioned the pound for pound king’s eagerness to comply.

In a recent video interview with Ryan Sandoval of FightHype.com, longtime friend and advisor Sam Watson states that Floyd Jr. genuinely wants the fight with the Pacman as well.

“Floyd wants to fight Manny Pacquiao real bad,” claims the charismatic fight proponent.

“That’s all Floyd’s been talking about is fighting Manny Pacquiao. So once the deal is set and done, you’ll see the biggest fight you ever saw in your life!”

“I believe there’s going to be two fights next year.”

Not only does the always candid Sam Watson believe that two fights will indeed take place next year between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, the outspoken boxing advisor also feels that the dual meetings will become the biggest fights in the history of the sport.

“This is the biggest fight ever,” claims Sam Watson. “Tyson and Holyfield was big, Tyson and Lennox Lewis was big, Mayweather and Canelo was big, but this (Mayweather/Pacquiao) would be the biggest fight ever…ever!!”

“You could charge $100 to see the fight on PPV live, then charge $60 the following week to see the replay, and then show it for free the week after that. It‘s that big. Floyd Mayweather is already a walking superbowl. So when he fights Pacquiao, it brings a lot more to the table.”

Although most fight fans will remain skeptical about Money Mayweather’s willingness to step in the ring with Manny until they see an official fight deal become finalized, the energetic fight manager assures boxing fans everywhere that an eventual agreement will get made.

“Floyd is ready. Floyd really wants this fight. Floyd tells me everyday that he wants that fight. So now he’s finally speaking out on it and I hope we get it.”

Mr. Watson also sees the probable Mayweather/Pacquiao clash turning into a real war in the center of the ring.

“It’s going to be a great fight,” insists the 58 year old boxing advisor. “Pacquiao’s going to hit him too. Pacquiao’s going to hit him just like Cotto hit him. It’s going to be a real fight."

"At this stage, no fight is easy."
That’s why they fight for millions and millions of dollars. And Floyd loves spending money, so Floyd is gonna fight his a$$ off!”

Fight fans, expect a deal to be reached and the fight to be announced in January of 2015!!

Video below (Published Nov 28, 2014)


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