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Floyd Mayweather: Witness or accessory to murder / suicide?

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“This is how I get my day started everyday - Mr. My Life is the Sh!t” - Floyd Mayweather Jr., August 7th, 2014

On December 8, it was reported by TMZ Sports that Floyd Mayweather Jr. was on “FaceTime” chat with friend Earl Hayes when the rapper gunned down his wife and well known dancer/actress, Stephanie Moseley, early Monday morning, and consequently shot and killed himself.

According the shocking TMZ report, the pound for pound king allegedly exacerbated the situation by calling the troubled rap artist “weak for not leaving” the back-up dancer and VH-1 celebrity after discovering evidence of her infidelity with singer/songwriter Trey Songz.

Now it would seem that the LAPD is requesting a conference with the renowned boxer to question him about the brutal events that ensued in the late rapper’s apartment as an apparent witness to the murder/suicide.

Law enforcement representatives stated that Hayes when into the bathroom, while Floyd was on “FaceTime” chat and fired 10 to 12 shots, murdering his wife while she was taking a bath.

Neighbors who heard the shots immediately called the LAPD. When the police finally arrived on the scene of the crime, they heard another shot and retreated. The apparent shot was Hayes taking his own life.

Reportedly, the SWAT team arrived at the scene and broke down the door, finding Stephanie Moseley’s lifeless body in the bathtub, and Hayes’ dead body in the bedroom.

It will be interesting to see if the alleged emotional phone conversation between Floyd Mayweather and Hayes was recorded via “FaceTime” chat and can be used as evidence.

Will this tragic turn of events hinder Floyd’s fight career in 2015?


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