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Floyd Mayweather vs Miguel Cotto 2? Would it be immune to 'Floydcott?'

Lee Cleveland Updated
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The demand for Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao has reached unprecedented levels and there is no going back now. However, despite the public's over-the-top demand for this fight, it is still unconfirmed.

Both sides insist Mayweather vs Pacquiao, which would likely be the biggest fight ever, is close to being signed, sealed and delivered, so let's hope it happens in the next two weeks.

And while Mayweather vs Pacquiao on May 2nd is still arguably the most likely scenario, rumors persist the apparent breakdown in negotiations for Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alvarez stem from Floyd's impending decision to sidestep PacMan in favor of Miguel.

Should disaster strike and Mayweather vs Cotto 2 is announced in the coming days, would it be immune to 'Floydcott?'

Since 2011, supporters of the aforementioned online movement have urged other boxing fans, via the chat rooms, online forums and social media, to abstain from attending or purchasing Mayweather events until 'Money May' agreed to face his universally-recognized peer in boxing, Manny Pacquiao.

As a matter of fact, and in all fairness, some bitter fans have been calling for boycotts of both fighters, but it's the 'Floydcott' movement that seems to be gathering momentum.

So how would Mayweather vs Cotto 2 be impacted?

1. Casual fans with no allegiance - There may be a considerable dip in interest among casual boxing fans who are not overly pro Mayweather or Cotto. These guys and gals like following a few big names and watch 3 or 4 fights the entire year. They didn't exactly turn out in droves for the Mayweather vs Maidana fights and didn't support Pacquiao vs Algieri or Rios at all.

Casual boxing fans will have little or no interest in Mayweather vs Cotto 2.

2. Die-hard fans with no allegiance - Here's where Floydcott may be the most impactful. You know who the hardcore fans, right?  They eat, drink and breathe boxing. These folks order PPVs with regularity and/or frequently spend top dollar to fly or drive to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to be a part of the action. Promoters usually can count on these individuals to spend money, even in the event of an unpopular PPV or last-minute fighter substitution.

Yes, we paid for Pacquiao vs Algieri and Mayweather vs Guerrero, and had no regrets. However, don't be surprised if as many as a third of these guys decide to pass on Mayweather vs Cotto 2 in what would be a devastating blow to the fighters and promoters.

3. Die-hard Cotto fans - Promoters will target this sector most should the Mayweather vs Cotto rematch take place in May. Miguel Cotto is a boxing legend in the twilight of his career so don't expect his admirers to ditch their hero easily. An opportunity to support their man against the mighty Mayweather would far outweigh the attitudes of casual and hardcore fans who have no real 'dog in the fight.'

Moreover, one cannot blame Cotto for seeking a seemingly bigger challenge against a bigger name for, perhaps, a bigger purse. 

There wouldn't be much attrition here.

4. Die-hard Mayweather fans - This can a bit unpredictable as some of Floyd's most ardent backers, such as ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, are starting to express frustration with their man.

Manny Pacquiao is the fight we want to see,” Smith stated on behalf of the majority of mainstream and casual boxing fans. “There is nobody clamoring to see Floyd Mayweather fight Amir Khan."

While most hardcore fans of 'Money May' would support a Cotto fight, as many as a quarter would not, and promoters would feel the pinch.

5. Canelo vs Kirkland on Free HBO - And this would be the proverbial 'nail in the coffin' for any liklihood of success for Mayweather vs Cotto 2.  No explanation required. 

PPV Buys
If Showtime/CBS wasn't enthusiastic about the alleged 925,000 buys garnered by Mayweather vs Maidana 2, they may be downright belligerent when the numbers arrive for Mayweather vs Cotto 2.

In addition, Cinco de Mayo weekend isn't eaxctly the dead of winter. People can and will find other things to do if they are not interested in Cotto vs Kirkland.

Look for Mayweather vs Cotto 2, should it happen on May 2, to barely eclipse 500,000 buys.

Given Floyd's $32 million guarantee and the fact Cotto would earn far more than Maidana did in September, this match-up may already be a mathematic impossibility unless all parties get very, very creative, fast.

Mayweather vs Cotto 2 would not be immune to Floydcott.


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