Floyd Mayweather vs anybody but Manny Pacquiao

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Floyd Mayweather has reached great heights within the sport of boxing. He has been undefeated for almost 18 years and won titles in five different weight classes, defeating numerous world champions and future hall of famers in the process.

He's a skillful fighter who has accomplished great things inside the ring.

The sheer fact he has yet to suffer an official knockdown is testament to how good he really is.

By far the best fighter of this generation, Floyd has made more than enough money in his career and if he were to walk away from the sport today, he would (or at least should) be financially set for the rest of his life.

Mayweather deserves to be applauded for all he's accomplished. He has managed to win every fight, and gain superstardom by portraying a flashy, money-driven image that forces fans to either love him or hate him. 

Floyd loves to taunt but will he make it happen?


Outside of the ring though, the boxing world has grown a bit frustrated with Mayweather's constant disinterest in making a fight against fellow welterweight and fight legend Manny Pacquiao.

We have heard excuses ranging from disagreements over drug testing and purse percentages, to Floyd's recent statement that he "will never put money in Bob Arum's pocket."

It seems as though Mayweather is looking for reasons not to fight Pacquiao as opposed to finding ways to overcome the obstacles at hand, and make the fight that the fans want to see.

With his track record, along with the public's demand to see a Mayweather fight, Floyd is certainly entitled to fight whom he chooses while holding most of the aces at the negotiating card table.

That stated, many fans (including myself) are tired of Floyd constantly mocking Manny Pacquiao on Youtube, Twitter and in the media while, at the same time, making numerous excuses when the talk of fighting the Filipino arises.

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I understand talking smack about an opponent that you are about to face - But mocking a fighter you refuse to face is cowardice.

We know that Mayweather will fight on May 3rd. Let's hear him talk about the opponent he will face that day; not Pacquiao. The Pac attacks are getting old.

Manny said in a 2013 interview, "Floyd says I got knocked out by Marquez and I'm washed up, so fight me. It should be easy."

I have to agree with Pacquiao on that one.

floyd tweet

If you're brash enough to say somebody isn't on your level while throwing insults, you can't duck the fight and still hold on to your bravado image. The two don't go hand in hand.

Mayweather has four fights left in the 200 million dollar deal he signed with Showtime. In order for the cable network to continue to make their union a profitable endeavor, it seems that a Pacquiao fight has to happen at some point.

If Floyd's main purpose is to make as much money as possible, as his image definitely portrays, then a Pacquiao fight is his best choice. No other opponent can even come close to bringing in as much as a Floyd VS Manny showdown.

Mayweather's father and head trainer, Floyd Sr.


Does the Mayweather camp see something in Pacquiao that doesn't fit, stylistically, for Floyd?

It could be that there is a hole in Floyd's shoulder roll for a southpaw left hand. Or perhaps it's the fast and powerful flurries that Manny throws for 12 rounds straight?

Mayweather insists he doesn't watch film on prospective opponents and most would say that's bulls***. Obviously 'The Money Team' has seen Pacquiao fight because they have avoided the match-up in so many ways.

Floyd is a lot smarter than most of us realize. He probably studies tapes of all his opponents and knows them very well before he gets into the ring with them.

He also wisely forces everyone to shut off their cameras during his sparring sessions so his opponents can't see what he's working on. That's a smart move and I would recommend that all trainers do the same. It is a strategist's dream to get videotape of an opponent's training camp sparring sessions.

Another thing that might concern Floyd is Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach. As we have seen, Roach does his homework on opponents. The best examples of Roach's homework are Pacquiao VS Hatton and Pacquiao VS Cotto.

Manny Pacquiao's hall of fame trainer Freddie Roach


As Roach has stated, he looks for habits, not mistakes. Everybody has habits and everybody makes mistakes. But you can't count on mistakes because everybody makes them but they are not necessarily consistent.

Habits are consistent and hard to change in the middle of a fight, especially if your habits have never been exposed.

Would you be concerned with one of the best strategists in the world studying your every move?


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