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Floyd Mayweather vs GGG: Elite trainer likes Money May's chances

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It was reported last Friday, October 14, that former pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. was back in the gym, sparring publicly for the first time since announcing his retirement in September of 2015.

A former world champion and current fight coach from Southern California interprets the activity as a sign of an inevitable Mayweather comeback in 2017.

"I'm not surprised," trainer Robert Garcia recently stated to FightHype.com. "Everybody already expected him to make a comeback. If he is, I'm hoping he fights Triple G."

After a year layoff from professional ring activity, as well as consistent world class training and sparring, would a fight with one of the top current pound for pound fighters in boxing be a wise choice for his historic 50th bout?

Although assessments of his recent Vegas gym session are mixed, Garcia believes fight fans should expect to see a very sharp and precise version of Money May if he does return next year.

"Floyd Mayweather can comeback whenever he wants," stated the two-time trainer of the year. "He could wait a year from now and still comeback. He still has all of the reflexes, and is still healthy. Floyd is always sharp and he's always in shape. He's not one of those guys who gains 30 pounds or anything like that, so he's always in shape. I'm sure he looked good on Friday."

But picking a fight with a top 147 pound fighter is a completely different assignment than taking on the perceived best of the Middleweight division...especially someone with the power and physical durability of Gennady Golovkin.

Coach Garcia believes Mayweather should take on GGG if he decides to come out of retirement in 2017. After watching Kell Brook enjoy several moments of success in his losing effort against the most feared Middleweight on the planet, the astute boxing trainer feels Floyd can outbox Gennady Golovkin...even at age 40.

"I hope he does comeback and take on Golovkin. He could beat Triple G. I think he could beat Triple G, and that would be a bad-ass win!"

Many critics and observers believe a Mayweather victory over GGG at age 40 would cement Floyd's place in history as a genuine "TBE" candidate. Would a decisive or even a controversial win over Golovkin at this stage of Money May's career make a convincing "greatest of all-time" argument? Or would most critics come to the conclusion that GGG was indeed a product of hype?

Garcia believes it would make for an appropriate ending to an already legendary career.

"It would be a bad-ass win, and the perfect cherry on top for Floyd."


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