Floyd Mayweather vs Garcia: "The Holy War?"

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While the world anxiously anticipates Floyd's next maneuver on the boxing chess board, Angel Garcia, head trainer and father to the universally recognized Junior Welterweight Champion, claims that a fight between Danny "Swift" Garcia and Floyd "Money" Mayweather would be a contest of metaphysical proportions.

"Floyd is the best pound for pound fighter in the world and is extremely gifted," admits the often outspoken and candid fight trainer. "My son is also an extremely gifted fighter. Both men receive their natural gifts from the big man. It's something that we'll never understand, and only they two can understand."

"When you get two naturally gifted fighters like Danny and Floyd and put them together in the ring, you get a holy war. Floyd is the king, and Danny is the prince. Is the prince ready to take over the throne? That would be the question should they meet in the ring next year."

"That fight would be called 'The Holy War'."

Although most fight fans are still clamoring for a long overdue meeting between Mayweather and Pacquiao, many boxing pundits are predicting that a fight with either Amir Khan or Danny Garcia is more probable for the artist formerly known as "Pretty Boy Floyd".

The self proclaimed "boxing evangelist" believes that Danny's power and perfect record would make a fight with Floyd a very special event.

"Danny's power is a gift," claims Angel Garcia. "You're born with the type of power that Danny has. It's not something you can teach. Either you're born with it, or you're not. Danny has that gifted power, and he's always going to possess that gift no matter what weight division he's competing in."

"That's what makes a fight between Danny and Floyd so special. Danny's power versus Floyd's speed...a battle between two undefeated champions. It's a fight that makes perfect sense and it's a spiritual battle. That's why it has to happen."

Despite having supreme confidence in his son's ability to dethrone the pound for pound king, Angel refuses to make an official prediction regarding a pairing between Danny Garcia and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"I'm not going to say anything about Danny beating Floyd because both fighters are gifted. I can tell you that a fighter has to be truly gifted to defeat a fighter like Floyd Mayweather, and Danny has that gift.

"But the winner would be decided by the fighter who prays the most that day and who believes it the most that night."

"It would truly be a spiritual battle."


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