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"It's about respect, I've been disrespected" Floyd Mayweather said yesterday explaining his side of the much publicized attack from his son, Floyd Mayweather Jr on HBO's 24/7 broadcast last Saturday night.

It was 120 degrees inside Johnny Tocco's Gym but there was still one thing hotter – Floyd Sr.'s cell phone. The trainer took one call after another from friends, associates and the media from around the world who called to offer their support to the legendary trainer and wish him well.

How does Floyd Sr feel?

"I wouldn't go back to his gym if he invited me," he said. "He wouldn't have nothing' without me. He'd be living' under a bridge somewhere. I laced the gloves on him for the first time - I taught him everything he knows that he still uses to this day."

The facts are hard to refute. Roger Mayweather took over duties with Floyd Jr. when his brother, Floyd Sr., went to prison. Floyd Jr., only 16 years old at the time, was already a highly-touted amatuer ready to embark on a successful pro career.  His father poured everything he had into his son for eight years.

Perhaps their disagreement stems from a difference in philosophies?

''He was training to be a fighter when he was still in diapers. I'm not kidding. Even when he was a baby he was throwing jabs. And then when he got taller he'd be beating the doorknobs. When he started talking about how great his gym was (is) when I really lost it." Floyd said.

Floyd Sr. doesn't believe fighters should train in gyms that resemble resorts. "I want my fighters tough (because) this is a tough sport. You can't train fighters in there," remarked the older Mayweather.

The trainer also disagrees with his son's nickname. "What in the world is he doing calling himself 'Money?' I didn't raise him like that. Only a fool would call himself that." (Floyd smiles). 

The loyal stable of fighters that Floyd Sr works with remain solidly behind their trainer and seem unaffected by the superstar's comments about his father. They speak of a deep commitment to the elder Mayweather and some plan to lavish him with gifts after winning a world title. Senior's stable seems quite very appreciative of his expert advice and overal tuteledge and realize not everyone is fortunate enough to be training under the watchful eye of such an accomplished trainer.

The long-standing, tense relationship between father and son, according to the elder Mayweather, was tweaked a week earlier. "This really started a week earlier. We argued cause my fighter beat his fighter," asserted the trainer.  He was referring to the Veron Paris vs Tim Coleman fight on August 5th. Many expected a Mayweather face-off with Roger working the corner of Tim Coleman and Floyd Sr. working the Paris corner but Roger was a no-show so the big confrontation never happened.

Floys Sr., understandably hurt by the attack leveled against him by his son, still loves his boy. "My blood runs through his veins (and) his blood runs through mine. He's my son."

The senior Mayweather added, "Kids! What are you gonna do?" (Floyd smiles).


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