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  • Floyd Mayweather Sr: "I don't know if my son is coming back.... would like to see him fight Adrien Broner."

Floyd Mayweather Sr: "I don't know if my son is coming back.... would like to see him fight Adrien Broner."

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With all of the rumors currently swirling around a potential Manny Pacquiao comeback, many fight fans are wondering whether or not a Pacman return to the ring will serve as a catalyst for a Money Mayweather comeback as well.

Despite being inactive from professional ring for over a year, would the competitive fire within Floyd Mayweather Jr. be ignited once again after seeing his longtime ring nemesis temporarily retract his plans for retirement?

Head trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. is uncertain about his son's plans.

"My understanding was that Floyd was coming back, but now we have to wait and see," stated Floyd Mayweather Sr. to Helen Yee Sports. "I just don't know right now."

According to the renowned boxing coach, the demand to see Floyd Jr. in the ring is still very high, but a Mayweather comeback would have to be about something more than just money.

"They don't care whether he's old or young, they just want to see him fight," claims the 63 year old mentor.

"For boxing, right now Floyd is getting up in age. He's going to turn 40 on February 24th. I wouldn't advise him to continue to fight. Why? He has enough money and he's smart with it. He has nothing more to prove. There's no reason to keep fighting. Fighting for what?"

Because father time waits for no fighter, a Mayweather comeback seems less likely with each passing day. Floyd Sr. explains why.

"Even if you're training at this age, there are things that start to happen to a fighter that is guaranteed. Look at me. I'm still fast, but slower than I was last year. And every year, your reflexes are going to give…they're going to stop. You're not going to keep being fast, fast, fast like you used to be."

"You're not going to be able to move like you use to move, and you won't be able to duck all the same punches like you used to."

If his son does indeed decide to return to the ring, the always candid fight trainer believes it would have to be against the right opponent…not only from a financial perspective, but a strategic one as well.

Senior has a specific fighter in mind.

"If he's going to make a comeback, pick the right opponent and then shut it down. Call it quits and leave that part of the sport alone. I know who I'd like to see him fight."

"Broner," declares Floyd Mayweather Sr. "They used to be friends…not anymore. All he's doing is running his mouth saying that he could whoop my son. But the guy who knocked your ass down and beat you up, got dominated twice by my son."

But would a grudge match between a young, four division world titlist and a largely inactive Floyd Mayweather Jr. prove to be a lot more dangerous than most believe? The elder statesman of the Mayweather clan doesn't believe so.

"He's not going to do anything to my son. Floyd would still whoop him right now. Very easy fight. And a lot of people would pay to watch that. And it would be an easy fight for my son."



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