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Floyd Mayweather Sr. Discusses His Ring Scrap With 23 Year Old Pro

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FightSaga.com was there and we recorded the entire brawl and post-fight melee, and captured the scene moments after it all ended. 

If you think BHOP is boxing's oldest ring bully, think again.

Last week, several boxing sites reported the sparring match/altercation involving famed fight trainer Floyd Mayweather, Sr. and Charlie Zelenoff (0-1) - a 23 year old pro who is purportedly an "internet legend" with a reputation for trash-talking. 

FightSaga.com arrived just as Zelenoff and the world class trainer stepped into the ring. We don't know what prompted the incident but we do know there was 'bad blood' between the two men.

And by the way, the elder Mayweather is 61 years old.

Despite Zelenoff's 'perceived' age advantage of nearly 40 years, it was apparent from the beginning he was looking to knockout his elder foe as he loaded-up with rights and lefts. The younger man was the aggressor early on but failed to land more than two or three clean punches on a surprisingly allusive Floyd Mayweather, Sr. Many of Zelenoff's shots missed badly - Real badly. Using his ring guile and legendary shoulder roll, Floyd Mayweather, Sr. was also effective in parrying punches and blocking Zelenoff's roundhouses with his gloves.  

A little less than halfway into the scrap, Floyd got off the ropes and began to stalk the retreating Zelenoff, throwing hard shots of his own. Mayweather would eventually corner Zelenoff and land a powerful over-hand right prompting a scared and shaken Zelenoff to immediately kneel down and step out of the ring as Floyd stood over him. Even more shameless than Zelenoff's refusal to hang in there with Floyd was what happened next. After Zelenoff's act of surrender, he stepped back into the ring and sucker-punched Mayweather while the older man's back was turned. As shocked and outraged onlookers watched, a spectator (perhaps one of Floyd's fighters) jumped into the ring and proceeded to give Zelenoff a beating. 

(Video of last week's ring scrap)

During the melee, Zelenoff was heard saying, "Protect yourself at all times."  The comment was, perhaps, in reference to the ending of Mayweather vs Ortiz in September. Floyd Mayweather's son, Floyd Jr, knocked out Victor Ortiz as a result of what some still consider 'sucker-punches.' 

Fortunately, Zelenoff didn't suffer serious injuries from Floyd's big right hand nor the short beat-down he took from a spectator afterwards.

Post Fight Interview
In the post-fight video interview FightSaga conducted with Floyd Mayweather, Sr. November 16th, the trainer quipped, "Tell him to come back any time he wants to come back and I'll whoop his a** again."  Relaxed and jovial, he hinted it would be in Zelenoff's best interest not to go back for more because he'd give the young man an even worse beating. Floyd Sr. also insisted Zelenoff failed to land a single punch.

"The man was crawlin' on his stomach and his knees (and) everything. Did anybody see me crawlin'?"

It seems to be the 'Year of Controversy' in boxing... Mayweather vs Ortiz, Williams vs Lara, Mares vs Agbeko, Hopkins vs Dawson and, most recently, Pacquiao vs Marquez III.

With so many controversial endings in big fights this year, its no surprise bedlam broke loose in the Mayweather Sr. vs Zelenoff scrap. 

(The interview can be heard in its entirety by accessing the video below) 


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