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Floyd Mayweather sparring: 'Money May' is looking sharp for Manny Pacquiao (video)

Joseph Herron Updated
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With about five weeks remaining until the most lucrative event in boxing history, Mayweather and Pacquiao have been busy in their respective camps, sharpening their tools for May 2.

Although a mixed bag of tall tales have been leaked from the Mayweather compound in Las Vegas, Nevada, only a select few are truly knowledgeable of the privileged information that goes on behind the guarded doors of the Mayweather Boxing Club while sparring sessions take place.

To give fight fans a sneak peak of a typical “Money May” sparring session, the attached video shows Floyd looking very Mayweather-esque against an unidentified southpaw fighter.

While no one will ever mistake Floyd’s aforementioned sparring partner for the Pacman, the 38 year old, unbeaten pugilist is starting to display his signature timing, precision, speed, and tenacity against the seemingly over-matched adversary.

But will Floyd Mayweather Jr. be ready for his most accomplished opponent to date?

Although the undefeated ring technician is getting plenty of “southpaw” looks at the Mayweather Gym, it seems highly unlikely that any sparring partner will be able to replicate the renowned Pacman footwork and machine-gun like combinations from mid to short range.

Despite the theory to which most trainers subscribe, “hard work in the gym is good work”, will former world champions like Zab Judah and DeMarcus “Chop-Chop” Corley be able to sufficiently prepare Floyd for the Filipino juggernaut in just five weeks?

The truth will be revealed on May 2.

Mayweather sparring video is below


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