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Floyd Mayweather not the first boxer to demand advanced PEDs testing

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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has received tremendous criticism ever since he demanded fellow superstar Manny Pacquiao to engage in Olympic style drug testing in 2009 as a prerequisite for a potential Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight.

Many believed Floyd was simply trying to sidestep Pacquiao by requesting such a burdensome process, and maybe he was.

Who knows?

It's nearly 2015 and the fight everyone wants to see hasn't happened.

In Mayweather's defense, he has required Olympic style testing of all of his opponents since, insisting everyone should "play by the rules."


For years, experts such as anti-doping advocate and nutritionist Victor Conte have asserted commission testing is antiquated and not difficult to trick. Even those employed by state commissions will admit their techniques aren't exactly ironclad.

Nevertheless, there's a big misconception that Floyd's demand to have advanced PEDs testing as a condition to fight was unprecedented.

Holyfield vs Tyson II (1997)
According to fight legend Evander Holyfield's book, 'The Holyfield Way,' Mike Tyson refused to rematch Holyfield in 1997 unless his foe engaged in an advanced form of PEDs testing.

"I wasn't worried about the test, and I knew that a refusal would be taken as evidence of guilt," claims Holyfield in the book.

"On the other hand, Tyson had no probable cause to request such a test and absolutely no right to require one as a condition for the fight going forward."

The rest of the quotation (from the book's author and Evander's own words) can be found on page 85 of Holyfield's book.

However, the details of the test are not known. All we know is that Team Tyson allegedly requested Holyfield to submit to some form of alternative PEDs testing (in addition to the test administered by Nevada Athletic Commission).

Even if Holyfield's assertions are accurate, Tyson may have not been the first to demand alternative testing for PEDs.

Bowe vs Golota II - 1996
According to the Baltimore Sun, Riddick Bowe requested Andrew Golota to partake in advanced drug testing as a condition for their rematch in 1996.

"I definitely think he was on steroids," said Bowe years later.


"Look at Golota's record prior to fighting me...Mediocre guys were hurting him. When he fought me, he had a lot of energy and my punches didn't bother him," said Bowe years later.

Golota and Bowe agreed to alternative testing for their rematch and neither man produced positive results, and second fight, unsurprisingly, bore a close resemblance to their first.

Mosley vs Judah - 2008 (Cancelled)
Just prior to all of the Mayweather vs Pacquiao drama, Zab Judah requested Sugar Shane Mosley to agree to blood testing in 2008 as a condition for their non-title welterweight fight which had been scheduled for May 31 of that year in Las Vegas. However, then Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer, perhaps on Mosley's behalf, rejected Team Judah's request.

"Whatever tests they [the Nevada State Athletic Commission] want them to take, Shane will submit to that. [But] We are not going to do other tests than the Nevada commission requires," added Schaefer.

"The fact is, Shane is not a cheater and he does not need to be treated like one."

Fight cancelled.

Mayweather's demand for advanced testing is not outlandish, especially considering the rampant use of PEDs in professional sports. That stated, Floyd, over the years, has repeatedly promised to fight Manny so long as PacMan submitted to Olympic style drug testing so let's hope Floyd keeps his word.

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