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Floyd Mayweather: Next fight after Pacquiao may be an unusual spectacle

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Some speculate Floyd Mayweather, boxing's top star and the world's highest paid athlete, may decide to hang 'em after facing Manny Pacquiao Saturday.

However, the Pacquiao bout will serve as only the fifth scrap of his lucrative six-fight deal with CBS/Showtime. As a result, he's contractually obligated to fight once more after Saturday.

For all intents and purposes, though, his Showdown with Manny may be his last of consequence, win or lose.


Over the last 12-16 months, Floyd has been clear he no longer enjoys boxing. Just as we can lose a taste for certain foods or beverages after many years, Floyd has seemingly lost his taste for the Sweet Science.

Once a fun sport and vocation for him, boxing is now purely a business for Floyd Mayweather. Furthermore, Floyd insists he has no desire to eclipse Rocky Marciano's 49-0 record, which would require him to be victorious Saturday night and in his next fight, and accept - and win - one more bout after fulfilling his obligation to CBS/Showtime.

Given Floyd, by fighting Manny, will have appeased the masses and the coffers of CBS/ Showtime, will the network reward him by signing off on a relatively easy next opponent?

Will he be given fodder for his last hurrah? Or will Floyd Mayweather be asked to face a young, tough contender like Keith Thurman or Amir Khan?

Regardless of who Floyd faces next, it will be a major event and will be broadcast on PPV. As a result, CBS/Showtime, even in the worst case scenario, would likely break even. After all, this is Floyd Mayweather.

If there is no Pacquiao rematch, expect September's fight to be Floyd's 'victory lap' and a ceremony of sorts with a lot of 'bells and whistles'... But don't expect him in the ring with a threatening opponent.


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