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Floyd Mayweather: "Legacy will greatly suffer if Manny Pacquiao fight doesn't happen," says expert trainer

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After basically ensuring a long awaited Mayweather/Pacquiao battle to take place sometime in the near future, Floyd Mayweather Sr. was quickly muted and threatened by his son and pound for pound king, "Money" Mayweather, through a recent interview with Ben Thompson of "FightHype.com."

(Image courtesy of Round by Round Boxing)

"Well my father is totally wrong," stated Floyd Jr.

"Like I said before, we have people constantly being removed from the Mayweather Promotions team, Team Mayweather, and we also have people being removed from The Money Team."

"I want my dad to be with my team, but if he continues to go out there and speak on things that he has no knowledge about without communicating with me, then I must get a new trainer."

"My dad has no say-so on my career, Leonard Ellerbe has no say-so on my career. Me and Al Haymon, we're going to compromise and communicate and always be on the same page."

Although it seems unlikely that the 37 year old attraction would hand his father and head trainer "walking papers" for his candid words to the always inquisitive boxing media, Junior's commentary regarding a potential meeting with Manny Pacquiao in 2015 certainly won't be received favorably by most die-hard fight fans.

Expert boxing scout and three decade fight trainer James Gogue believes that Floyd's legacy, as well as his overall popularity, will greatly suffer if he does not appease the demands of the real bosses of boxing...the paying customers.

"If this fight [mayweather vs Pacquiao] doesn't happen, most fight fans will blame Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his legacy will suffer as result," claims the experienced boxing mentor.

Boxing genius and fight trainer James Gogue, center, with a few of his fans 

James Picture 1

"Most people will say that he was scared to fight Manny and simply chose not to fight him."

"Even though Pacquiao didn't want to adhere to more stringent drug testing when the two parties initially attempted to put this fight together five years ago, Manny eventually agreed to each and every stipulation demanded by Mayweather. So if Floyd doesn't pull the trigger on this match-up, fight fans, as well as most boxing writers and historians, will blame Mayweather for the fight not taking place."

"Floyd is going to be seen as the villain, and his legacy will be greatly affected as a result."

"Most will begin to view Floyd's career with a magnifying glass and examine his career path with more scrutiny, simply because he failed to take on Manny Pacquiao."

All smiles: Floyd Mayweather, back-center, is snapped cheesin' for the camera.
Boxing genius James Gogue is center-left.

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"Boxing observers won't place him on the same pedestal in which they do other great fighters like Roberto Duran, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Marvin Hagler, and Ray Leonard."

"Those guys fought the best in their respective eras with no excuses. They fought everybody. When the public demanded the great match-ups, the revered fighters throughout the various eras of boxing history respected the fans, as well as the sport, enough to follow through with the now classic and legendary fights."

"This rivalry will go down as one of the worst tragedies in boxing history if Mayweather/Pacquiao doesn't eventually materialize."

"Can you imagine what the sport would be like without legendary, time capsule bouts like Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier, Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield, Sugar Ray Robinson vs Jake Lamotta, Joe Louis vs  Max Schmeling, Sugar Ray Leonard vs Roberto Duran, or Marvelous Marvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns?"

"So if Floyd wants to be viewed as 'TBE', he should seriously consider facing Manny Pacquiao before he retires."

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