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Floyd Mayweather's legacy: “It’s going to be a long time before America produces another 'Money May'"

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While the most polarizing figure in sports entertainment is no stranger to detractor sentiment and negative press, Floyd Mayweather Jr. remains one of the best defensive fighters in the history of boxing, and a first ballot Hall of Famer.

According to expert trainer and three decade fight coach James Gogue, fight fans should kick their personal feelings to the curb and enjoy watching one of the greatest talents the sport has ever produced while they still have that luxury.

(Image courtesy of Showtime)

“Floyd is a special fighter,” insists the experienced boxing mentor.

“Talent like his doesn’t reveal itself very often within the sport of boxing. Whether you love him or hate him, fight fans should appreciate his athletic gifts and boxing ability, especially during the twilight of his career, because it’s going to be a very long time before America produces another fighter like Floyd Mayweather Jr.”

Due in large part to a declining number of boxing gyms in the U.S.A., as well as a lack of mainstream television and periodical exposure, the amount of young athletic talent introduced to the sport has been rapidly decreasing year after year in America.

Coach Gogue sees this as a problem that won’t be rectified anytime soon.

Floyd Mayweather, front/center-right, clowns with the photographer in 1996. All-star trainer James Gogue is left-center.


“Floyd comes from a boxing family and was introduced to the sport at a time when boxing was a mainstream commodity in America,” claims the knowledgeable fight trainer.

“When I was more heavily involved with the U.S. amateur program, the talent pool was much bigger and ultimately produced better professional results.”

“Just look at the Olympic Team in which Floyd participated. The level of talent in that 1996 class was unparalleled.”

The U.S. Boxing Team at 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia:
  • 106 pounds - Albert Guardado, Topeka, Kan.
  • 112 pounds - Eric Morel, Madison, Wis.
  • 119 pounds - Zahir Raheem, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • 125 pounds - Floyd Mayweather, Grand Rapids, Mich.
  • 132 pounds - Terrance Cauthen, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • 139 pounds - David Diaz, Chicago, Ill.
  • 147 pounds - Fernando Vargas, Oxnard, Calif.
  • 156 pounds - David Reid, Philadelphia, Pa. (1st)
  • 165 pounds - Rhoshii Wells, Riverdale, Ga.
  • 178 pounds - Antonio Tarver, Orlando, Fla.
  • 201 pounds - Nate Jones, Chicago, Ill.
  • Over 201 pounds - Lawrence Clay-Bey, Hartford, Conn

“In my opinion, that was the last great Olympic team that was produced by U.S. amateur boxing. No offense to any of the hard working men and women who represented America over the last several years, but in my mind, there’s no comparison. Look how many champions were established from the 1996 Olympic Team.”

“Obviously Floyd Mayweather Jr. was the best fighter to come out of that class, but you had great champions like Fernando Vargas and Antonio Tarver, as well as title holders like David Diaz, Eric Morel, and Zahir Raheem.”

“But that’s how special Floyd is as a prizefighter,” claims James Gogue. “Among a very talented group, he really stands out."

All smiles: Floyd Mayweather, back-center, is snapped cheesin' for the camera. 
Genius trainer James Gogue is left-center.


"I know Andre Ward is a very proficient fighter and he did capture Olympic Gold at the Athens Games, but he’s not Floyd Mayweather Jr.; and I don’t know if he’ll ever capture the imagination of the mainstream and casual sports fan quite like Floyd.”

The experienced fight coach warns fight fans not to squander or dismiss one of the final opportunities to see the living legend fight live this Saturday night.

“I know he gets a lot of criticism from fans because of his persona and exploits outside of the ring, but don’t let that hinder your appreciation of one of the all-time greats of boxing. Floyd is a once in a generation type of talent and should be appreciated for what he brings to the ring.”


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