Floyd Mayweather Jr Reaches Out to His Father

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In an exclusive interview with FightSaga, Floyd Sr announced his son, Floyd Mayweather Jr, reached out to him to initiate the process of restoring their relationship.

On Friday, Floyd Mayweather Jr took the first step towards reconciliation and atonement by calling his father. The father and son had not spoken since their very public outburst on HBO's 24/7 Mayweather - Ortiz in the weeks leading up to Mayweather vs Ortiz.

"Yeah, he called me and we talked about Pacquiao and all kinds of stuff," stated a delighted Floyd Mayweather Sr.

When asked if he received an apology for the incident in September, Floyd Sr. replied, "No, he didn't apologize. He doesn't need to. The fact he called me was his way of apologizing."

Floyd Mayweather Sr was very pleased to hear from his son and looks forward to putting the drama of the past behind them.

"That was in the past. I don't care about that. He's my son, I love my son. He's my blood. No matter what he does he'll always be my son," asserted Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Hoping to forge reconciliation between father and son, mutual friends of Floyd Mayweather Jr and his father attempted to facilitate a meeting between the two during the Holidays but their efforts were of no avail. "Yeah, somebody asked me to come to a Christmas get-together at Floyd Jr's gym but I said 'No,' a meditative Floyd Mayweather Sr responded.

Floyd Sr, a former world class fighter himself, said fighters can be very high strung before big fights and believes the electric atmosphere and high enthusiasm surrounding his son's comeback after a lengthy layoff may have contributed to the eruption.

Their tumultuous, controversial altercation, aired on HBO in the first episode of 24/7 Mayweather-Ortiz, was seen by millions on television and the Internet. It was not rehearsed and was as real as it gets.

Although some believed Floyd Mayweather Jr's verbal attack was warranted, most thought he crossed the line' and should have publicly apologized to his father soon thereafter. But regardless of what critics say, Floyd Sr is enormously proud of his son and glad their differences have seemingly been put to rest. And even though the two hadn't spoken since September, Floyd Mayweather Sr made it clear the pride he has in his son never faltered or wavered.

"My son is the best fighter in the world. Can't nobody beat him, Pacquiao can't beat him, Cotto can't beat him, Canelo can't beat him. You can keep lining them up and he'll keep knockin' 'em down."

Although Floyd Mayweather Sr doesn't train his son anymore, rest-assured he's in his corner.


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