Floyd Mayweather Jr: Like a boss

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To be a successful prizefighter, the great Eddie Futch once said, “you have to be able to take a good shot…both in and out of the ring.”

Obviously Floyd Mayweather Jr. has made a comfortable living avoiding incoming shots inside the squared circle, turning his defensive strategy into a genuine art form. And to the 38 year old fighter’s credit, he’s never been seemingly affected by his harshest critics…quite the contrary.

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Despite customarily thanking the fans before and after his events, the proud future Hall of Famer has often seemed dismissive to the paying customers’ bidding throughout his impressive 17 year professional career.

Floyd has accumulated an incredible stockpile of money while marching to his own rhythm and ignoring the “real bosses of boxing.

Mayweather has played his detractors like a Stradivarius, getting them to spend millions of dollars on the very slim chance that he might be less than stellar in the ring.

Although the strategy has worked like a charm thus far, perhaps Floyd’s defiant gameplan has finally run its course.

Since the unbeaten native of Grand Rapids, Michigan announced Andre Berto as his 49th opponent, the overwhelming response from the great majority of the die-hard boxing community has been extremely negative. And with two competitive, premium match-ups on the pay-per-view horizon in October and November respectively, most industry experts are projecting a dismal performance in terms of gross PPV sales, Saturday, September 12.

Is the Mayweather brand starting to lose its luster? Have the fight fans finally given up on the idea that Floyd could lose on any given night? Did the anti-climactic Mayweather/Pacquiao heist mark the end of Floyd’s reign as the biggest attraction in the sport?

A more appropriate question would be: “Does Floyd Mayweather Jr. really care what happens at this stage in his career?”

All indicators point to a resounding “NO”.

Mayweather has already accomplished everything he originally set out to gain when turning pro almost two decades ago. He paved his own path of progress and created his own destiny while ascending to superstardom. Floyd pioneered a lucrative business model which seems to empower the talent, and not the promoter or the platform. The pound for pound king successfully found a way to make fighting with a traditionally unpopular fight style in the ring extremely popular. The fact that Mayweather Jr. had to become boxing’s “bad-guy” to accomplish these unfathomable feats is completely irrelevant.

So if Money May’s detractors think they’ll finally teach Floyd Joy Jr. a hard lesson in reality and get the last laugh by boycotting his 49th professional fight on September 12th, they should think again.

The prolific fighter has already proven his point…he’s already had his way with the paying customer, and he’s left an indelible mark on the sport of boxing.


Floyd’s resonant words during the first and only “Mayweather/Berto” promotional event, which took place in Los Angeles on Thursday, August 6th, most accurately sums up the defiant pound for pound king’s current sentiment about his career and the sport of boxing:

“No one is forced to buy this fight. I appreciate it, but no is forced to buy the fight.”


Nothing that happens in a month will change the aforementioned points. Electing not the pay the unpopular $65 and $75 PPV cost will do nothing to deflate ego of the highest paid athlete in the world. He’s already had his way with the paying customers and the real bosses of boxing. Even if the event only reaches 100K paying subcribers, Floyd will still make his guaranteed $32 million dollar purse from CBS/Showtime, and collect 100% of the proceeds from the live MGM gate.

Floyd has already won, and his detractors have already conceded to this reality…which is why the customarily reliable "hater" demographic won’t purchase Mayweather’s September 12th PPV, and why the "Money Man" of boxing doesn’t seem to care any longer.

Checkmate, fight fans! Mayweather wins again...whether you like it or not.

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