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Floyd Mayweather Jr: “I don’t get nervous for any fight or any fighter at this point...”

Joseph Herron Updated
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Since the long overdue “Fight of the Century” with fight legend Manny Pacquiao was first announced back in February, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has remained uncharacteristically stoic throughout the entire promotion of the highly anticipated event on May 2.

Boxing’s consummate bad-boy hasn’t engaged in any pre-fight banter or elected to throw verbal daggers at his future Hall of Fame opponent through any social media outlets. And although Mayweather insists that Manny Pacquiao is just another opponent and a customary day at the office, Floyd’s mannerisms leading into the most lucrative event in boxing history speak otherwise.

At Tuesday’s media workout within the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas, Nevada, the pound for pound king remained calm, cool, and collected throughout the entire press event.

“I’m feeling great, well rested,” stated Floyd Mayweather Jr. to hundreds of media members in attendance. “I feel solid. I’ve been eating well and training well, so everything is going great.”

“I’ve done this so many times now, and it’s always great. It’s great for the fans…it’s great for the different media outlets, and I’m happy."

"I’m committed and I’m focused. My team has done a remarkable job outside of the ring, while I continue to get inside of the ring and take care of business.”

“I don’t get nervous for any fight or any fighter at this point in my career. It’s just another day at the office for Floyd Mayweather.”

Is the pound for pound king of boxing being sincere when he claims Pacman is just another opponent? Is anyone buying his seemingly dismissive attitude concerning his largely perceived "toughest test to date"?

Why is Mayweather so stoic leading into this massive event? Should his uncharacteristic silence be interpreted as fear or focus?

To provide some insight into the mind of Mayweather, three decade fight trainer James Gogue offers a possible explanation on Floyd’s recent behavior.

“When I was in the back at the MGM Grand for his last fight in September against Marcos Maidana, Floyd wasn’t talking very much before that fight as well,” states the experienced fight trainer. “He was pacing back and forth in silence and seemed extremely pensive before the rematch.”

“In my opinion, he understood that many fans genuinely believed Marcos deserved the decision after their first meeting, and Floyd was focused on the revised gameplan for the rematch as a result. This is how Mayweather acts when he’s completely locked in on the task at hand.”


I've known Floyd since the 1996 Olympic Games, and he’s often very serious when he sees an apparent threat or challenge.

I think this is the case for his May 2 fight with Manny Pacquiao as well. It’s not fear or trepidation…he’s just extremely focused and understands what’s ultimately at stake in this fight, in my opinion.


So what is ultimately at stake on May 2?

To most fight fans and boxing writers, Mayweather’s eventual meeting with Manny Pacquiao will greatly influence Floyd’s spot among boxing’s all-time greats. While the current pound for pound king already views himself as “TBE”, his perception among fans and writers will be largely contoured by the end result of the May 2 super-fight.

So is “The” fight with Manny Pacquiao just “another day at the office” in the mind of Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

Don’t believe it. The 38 year old fighter recognizes the severity of this match-up and how a loss could potentially affect the assessment of his overall body of work.

Everything is riding on the outcome of the May 2 bout with Manny Pacquiao…the fans know it, and so does Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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