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Floyd Mayweather Jr: "... God only made one thing perfect... my boxing record."

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Will Floyd Mayweather Jr. ever make his triumphant return to the ring and surpass the late Rocky Marciano's hallowed and revered record of 49 wins without a single loss on his resume?

While many are clamoring for Money May to step back into the squared circle and challenge current Middleweight kingpin Gennady Golovkin for a legacy-cementing sixth division world title, Mayweather's dad and head trainer, Floyd Sr, recently stated that he would never advise his son to take on such a task.

"At the end of the day, even with Floyd, the guy (GGG) is too big, he can take your punch, you can’t take his punch," Mayweather Sr. told 'On the Ropes Radio'. "He can take your punch, but you really cant take his punch and he can take what you give him but you ain’t gonna be able to take what he gives, and plus he can smother you too. I’m just telling you that it’s not a good break for my son."

"You know, I don’t doubt my son on nothing he can do. Kell Brook did it, you see what happened though, he got hit and his eyes closed and he couldn’t see nothing. I’m just telling you that those kind of things can happen. They can happen and they will happen, so I wouldn’t even suggest that. Let him go fight somebody his own size."

But would Floyd be willing to pass up such a huge payday?

A fight between Floyd and Golovkin would certainly break the bank and generate hundreds of millions of dollars. The apparent mythical match-up would easily be the most lucrative event that could possibly be made within the sport today. Could the mammoth purse entice Floyd to lace up the gloves one more time?

At the end of the day, Mayweather's primary motivation in or out of the ring seems to be money.

To the dismay of many boxing purists and passionate fans of the sport, Floyd couldn't care less about legacy or breaking any other fighter's pugilistic milestone. His primary motivation is and always will be making money. In fact, his unquenchable thirst for money and the power that comes with it have ostensibly overrun his passion for a sport that earned him an estimated gross amount of about $700 million throughout his 19 year professional career.

"I was really in the boxing business for the fortune and really not for the fame," Mayweather Jr. stated to FightHype.com back in April."

"I thought I wanted the fame until it really hit me...you can't do anything. You can't go anywhere. I know without the fame, I probably wouldn't have made the money that I've made, so I'm appreciative."

Many fight fans (detractors) are wondering whether or not Floyd's money well will eventually run dry? Would a lack of incoming proceeds motivate the former pound for pound king back into boxing?

Although Floyd was recently seen at a Lil Kim concert throwing out hundreds of dollars to various fans in attendance, and is often viewed going on extravagant shopping sprees, don't expect the soon to be 40 year old entrepreneur to go broke anytime soon.

Unlike great champions of eras past, the Money Man of boxing remains driven to continue making tons of sick cash outside of the ring.

"The one thing he's not going to do is go broke," stated radio host Melyssa Ford on Hollywood Unlocked several months ago. "Because people don't really understand Floyd's business savvy...how many people he actually employs and invests in."

Under the influence and tutelage of business mentor and longtime adviser Al Haymon, the self proclaimed "TBE" is more than set for life.

"As of right now, I've made smart investments," Floyd said on 'Hollywood Unlocked' earlier this summer. "I own nine buildings within the Times Square area. Even though seven figures comes in to my life every month, what I'm working for right now is for each one of my children. I want all of my children to be able to have seven figures a month for the rest of their lives."

"I'm working to set the foundation now."

And while Floyd isn't motivated by legacy or the way boxing writers and fans perceive his career, Mayweather admits that he likes the way his boxing record looks right now...unblemished.

"I may stutter, I may stumble...I'm not perfect," Floyd admitted to Hollywood Unlocked. "We all know that God only made one thing perfect...that's my boxing record."

Enjoy your retirement from boxing, Mr. Mayweather...and don't worry about how the sport and its critics will remember you. Their collective opinions won't be paying your bills twenty years from now.


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