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Floyd Mayweather has good punching power, insists previous opponents

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Is Conor McGregor underestimating Floyd Mayweather's (49-0, 26 KO) punching power?

"He ain't no pitty-pat puncher...he has some sting on his shots...you saw what he did to Corrales...he got tore up in that fight," Angel Manfredy, a former title challenger and Mayweather opponent, recently told FightHype.com.

"Speed is power...especially if he landed flush, which he did," stated Manfredy who discussed his 1998 showdown with Floyd. In that bout, Floyd scored a TKO win Round 2.

To the casual fight fan or someone who has never boxed, Floyd doesn't look destructive. And despite the fact he's KO'd most of his opponents, some believe Mayweather's shots don't hurt. However, Floyd has deceptive power and his punches hurt enough to keep opponents tentative and at a distance.

For the most part, Floyd usually punches for speed and accuracy so he doesn’t sit on his punches to maximize leverage. However, when he decides to plant his feet and load up, his power is formidable.

Victor Ortiz can vouch for that.

And despite suffering from chronic hand problems the last ten or more years, Mayweather can still hurt his opponents, especially with his straight right hand and that sweeping check left hook. Moreover, he likes to surprise foes with punches they don’t see which adds to the impact of his shots.

Fight legend Shane Mosley, who has faced both fighters, recently cautioned Pacquiao to be wary of Floyd's power.

"[Pacquiao] does have good speed, good power; Mayweather also has good speed and good power," Mosley told thaboxingvoice.com.

"A lot of people don’t think he hits as hard but he does have good power the way he throws his punches."

"Floyd has the power to hurt [Pacquiao]. Floyd has good underrated power. He likes to make people come to him, and when he hits them they feel it."

Even the steel-chinned Marcos Maidana, who flought Mayweather twice, stated Floyd possesses decent power.

Any elite boxer can rock anybody's world if he lands flush.


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