Floyd Mayweather and 'The Girl Collection'

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It's no secret to anyone who is familiar with Floyd Mayweather Jr. that the $800 million man of boxing loves women.

And although many of his die-hard fans are hoping to see him return to the ring in the near future, the 39 year old entrepreneur has his mind currently focused on a completely different and potentially big-money making endeavor.

In just a few weeks, the undefeated pound for pound king of boxing is hoping to quickly become the new, undisputed champ of gentleman's clubs on the famous strip of Sin City, Nevada.

Earlier this summer, Floyd announced that he would soon be opening "The Girl Collection", a high-dollar, topless establishment, which would undoubtedly consist of dozens of beautiful women from around the world.

For a man who is reported to have a regular harem of devout girlfriends within the confines of his "Big Boy Mansion", Floyd's vision of the perfect gentleman's club is more than likely very different from most weekend warriors who drop the occasional C-Note at their preferred night time establishment.

In a recent interview on "Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee", Floyd Jr. talked about his latest, controversial brainchild, "The Girl Collection".

"I love women," stated Mayweather during the extended radio interview. "I treat women with respect…I don't disrespect women. I feel like when a woman is with me, her value appreciates. When she's not with me, it depreciates."

"I want to be an asset to women…not a liability."

Really? The ironic statement comes from a man who was incarcerated for two counts of battery domestic abuse, and someone who regularly refers to women as "Burger King".

Why the unusual moniker?

"I call every woman Burger King," claims Floyd Jr. "Because I eventually have it my way."

Respect? It appears that Floyd merely views women as commodities or assets…hence the name, "The Girl Collection".

Mayweather expounded even further on the genesis of his "gentlemen's" club.

"What I do is this: with my three planes, I take dancers from other places…and what we do is fly around on my jet to other cities in the U.S. and we recruit girls," explains the self-proclaimed 'TBE'. "And that's what we've been doing."

According to the former prizefighter, his vision can't be classified as "human trafficking". The entertainers board the plane voluntarily, and are fully aware of Mayweather's "professional" intentions.

"These women have to bring something different. When we go to Miami, they have a certain look. When we go to Atlanta, those girls there have a certain look. When we go to New York, they possess a specific look. We go to L.A., and they have a certain look."

"What we're looking to do is take women from all of those different places and put them under one roof."

Something Mayweather is very clear about is that none of his contracted employees will be selling their bodies for money.

"One thing we disapprove of is prostitution," declares the pound for pound king of boxing. "We don't believe women should sell their bodies for a price. We don't want that within our club or within our crew."

But he whole heartedly endorses the idea of exploiting women for money.

Mayweather is hoping to have the doors open of his "Girl Collection" this Labor Day weekend.


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