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Floyd Mayweather: Where have you gone "Money" May? Our (Boxing) nation turns its lonely eyes to you

Joseph Herron Updated
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Without a clear, and definitive superstar on the sport's horizon, many fans are wondering whether or not Floyd Jr. will return to the ring and reclaim his throne atop boxing's elite.

Despite recently squashing any rumors of a potential comeback any time soon, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is still thought of as a "champion in recess" to many ringside observers.

One of the names mentioned most when discussing a possible Mayweather return is current Middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin.

Although the match-up would arguably rival May/Pac numbers generated in May of 2015, Floyd's father and head trainer doesn't understand why Floyd Mayweather vs GGG is even a popular topic of discussion.

"There's no reason for him to be fighting Triple G," Mayweather Sr. recently stated to FightHype.com. "Everyone already knows that he's got better skills than Triple G. There's no reason for Floyd to fight him."

Because Floyd will be turning 40 years old in February of 2017, and taking into consideration everything Money May has already accomplished in the sport, there is no moral imperative for Mayweather to compete for a sixth divisional world title against the perceived most menacing Middleweight in the world.

But monetarily, the fight would be a blockbuster.

So which potential match-up could rival Floyd vs. Gennady at the box office currently? Mayweather vs. Pacquiao II? Nope. Mayweather vs. Canelo II? Probably not. Mayweather against any of the top 147 pounders today?

Not likely.

So who could help garner Floyd Jr. another nine figure payday outside of a GGG pairing?

That seems to be the primary issue when talking about Floyd's hypothetical return to the ring. A suitable dance partner that excites the paying customers and captures the imagination of the real bosses of boxing doesn't appear to be available for the artist formerly known as "Pretty Boy Floyd."Mayweather Sr. remains hopeful that a return fight is on tap for his son in 2017.

"Floyd still needs to break Rocky Marciano's record," insists the elder statesman of the Mayweather clan. "One more fight would do that, and it won't be Kell Brook."

Several weeks ago, the 63 year old fight trainer stated that he would love to see his son tangle with former protege turned nemesis Adrien Broner. But would that match-up sell, and would the assignment be an "easy" victory for Mayweather Jr?

AB honestly believes he would disrupt the plans of a 50th career victory for the self proclaimed TBE, and the ongoing feud with his former mentor would be enough to create intrigue among fight fans.

"If we do fight, he won't be 50-0," Adrien stated to ESNews in April.

But does anyone in and around the boxing community truly believe that "About Billions" could hand Floyd his first professional loss? The prospect of Floyd losing a decision or getting knocked out seems to be the primary factor in selling a match-up to the casual and mainstream consumer; hence the popularity of the ongoing Triple G/Mayweather debate.

Many believe Gennady Golovkin could not only defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr. but also stop the enigmatic, defensive master within the distance.

Golovkin believes this as well.

"This is amazing fight; this is my dream fight," Triple G stated to TMZ Sports last year. "This is boxing, but of course I beat him (Floyd Mayweather Jr.). 100% I'm ready for anybody...I'm here."

Because of Golovkin's power, his ability to take a good shot, proficiency in cutting off the ring and closing the distance, most are convinced no amount of money could bring Floyd out of retirement to face the undefeated 160 pound kingpin.

But ring legend James Toney believes Mayweather schools the avoided Middleweight champion if the fight is staged under the Super Welterweight limit of 154 pounds.

"Nobody beats Floyd Mayweather Jr. at 147 or 154...nobody," Toney stated to ESNews last year. "He's too smart for him, and a thinking man always wins."

Should Floyd Mayweather Jr. once against attempt to prove his detractors wrong, come out of retirement and take on Gennady Golovkin under the Super Welterweight limit?

The match-up would most certainly capture the imagination of the sporting world and generate hundreds of millions of dollars.


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