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Floyd Mayweather says GGG is nothing special... Is he right?

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During a recent media day, middleweight Champion Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin let it be known that there is only one fighter he'd be willing to melt down an entire weight division to face in the ring.

"Floyd (Mayweather) is great champion and biggest challenge," stated GGG to ESNews. "I understand he's smart guy and good fighter. I respect his boxing style and his business. He's a very good fighter. I go to 154 just for Floyd."

For all intents and purposes, a match-up between Floyd and Gennady would be the biggest money fight in boxing currently. Unfortunately Mayweather has stated on more than one occasion that he is indeed a retired fighter. But if the two undefeated champions were to ever lock horns in the squared circle, the self-proclaimed "TBE" believes the Kazakh hammer would be "easy work".

"I can't make 160 pounds...I can barely make 147. If I could go up to 155 pounds, I would beat him (GGG)...that's easy work," Floyd Mayweather Jr. stated to FightHype.com back in May. "He's straight up and down with no special effects."

If the best defensive fighter of his generation sees nothing special in the current middleweight champion, why are so many respected boxing experts so high on the seemingly avoided puncher?

Three decade fight trainer and respected boxing scout James Gogue recently shared his professional assessment of the current IBF, WBC, WBA and IBO 160 pound champ on "War a Week Radio".

"Gennady Golovkin is a solid, all-around fighter," the expert strategist stated on Tuesday night's episode of "Don Chargin's War a Week Radio Network". "If I see any weaknesses at all, it's that he becomes seemingly careless at times when he's moving into range. GGG will often forget to move his head and work behind his jab proficiently while he's coming forward, often providing an easy target for his opponents."

"He doesn't have elite level speed or reflexes either. So if I had point out any flaws in GGG's otherwise solid game, it would be those characteristics."

But before any fight fan starts to prematurely celebrate Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s "hypothetical" victory over the Middleweight kingpin, Gogue's assessment does indeed come with somewhat of a disclaimer.

"But the match-ups in which I've seen GGG become somewhat careless in the ring haven't been against big punchers or fighters who can really hurt a physically and mentally durable fighter like Golovkin. Against guys with power, like David Lemeiux or Curtis Stevens, he showed that he does possess good footwork, which he uses as the foundation of his defense to move in and out of range, and he actually has a very proficient jab that he uses to effectively control distance in the ring."

"When you have a deep amateur background like Golovkin, with a record of 345-5 before turning pro, you develop the ability to box proficiently from mid to long range. You also develop the ability to adjust to different styles because of the quick turnaround in having to face so many different fighters at a very high level in consecutive days during international tournament play."

"So GGG already possessed very good technical boxing skills and a high Ring I.Q. before ever turning pro. And after moving to the U.S. to work with trainer Abel Sanchez, he worked on developing the ability to effectively cut off the ring, close the distance, and work on the inside. He's now among the very best of the entire sport in that area."

"So when you combine the ability to control distance at any range and a high ring I.Q. with world class power and great physical and mental durability, you have a complete fighter who is going to be very difficult to beat."

But can Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeat Gennady Golovkin at 154 pounds?

"If Floyd Mayweather can control range and keep Golovkin at a safe distance for twelve rounds, sure," admits the three decade fight trainer. "But against a fighter who is probably the most effective aggressor in boxing currently, that would be extremely difficult to do...especially if Floyd can't hurt him and earn his respect."

"But we won't know for sure unless they meet in the ring, which is highly unlikely to ever happen."

Three decade fight trainer James Gogue can be heard every Sunday evening at 10PM ET/7PM PT on "Don Chargin's War a Week Radio Network".


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