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Floyd Mayweather forced foe to wear soft gloves in 2004?

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In May 2004, Floyd Mayweather made quite a statement by impressively taking apart top contender and former belt holder DeMarcus "Chop Chop" Corley, live on HBO.

Floyd won that Super Lightweight title eliminator by the scores of 119-107, 118-108 and 119-108, and the respect of fans and critics alike.

But the fight wasn't an easy one for Floyd Mayweather as Corley is one of the few fighters to have seemingly hurt 'Money May'in the ring.

Nevertheless, with Roy Jones' shocking 2nd Round knockout loss to Antonio Tarver a week prior, Mayweather was being touted by some as the new pound-for-pound king.

"I beat the best at 130. I went to 135 and beat the best, and now I'm moving up to 140. The only thing I want to do is to fight the best," Mayweather, then 32-0, told ESPN.

"A true champion will fight through anything," said Mayweather, who showed a great chin in taking the best shots Corley, 29, could dish out. "He landed some solid punches. He's a good puncher, but I wasn't hurt at all."

"He's magic out there. He's electric," Corley trainer Don Turner said of Mayweather.

... But were the cards stacked in Floyd Mayweather's favor?

This summer, Brendan Taylor of Tru School Sports caught up with Corley who offered some valuable pre-fight insight about Mayweather vs Corley.

According to Corley, Floyd refused allow DeMarcus to don his traditional Cleto Reyes gloves. In fact, Corley hinted Mayweather wouldn't take the fight unless DeMarcus wore Winning gloves, a softer mit often used in sparring.

"Floyd doesn't carry a lot of power with his punches, Corley trold Tru School Sports. His punchers are accurate but they're not shots that hurt you. My plan was to get Floyd to exchange with me because I'm a stronger fighter."

"We hurt him (early) and we were gonna go for the knockout." ... "But he's proven he can take a punch." He's got a [good] chin.

"And if you noticed, he made me wear Winning boxing gloves. "We requested Reyes boxing gloves for that fight but he was the A-side. He dictated."

"That lets you know there was worry in my punching power."

"The Winning bloxing gloves are made in Japan. They have more padding. They have better padding inside the gloves compared to Reyes and Grant."

Given Corley rocked Floyd while wearing Winning gloves, would the outcome have been any different had DeMarcus been wearing gloves made by Cleto Reyes or Grant?


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