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On Thursday night, TLC conducted a press screening of their upcoming TV series "Starter Wives Confidential" and the ex-girlfriend of boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather, Josie Harris, shared some candid insight on their relationship.

According to Josie, Floyd Mayweather, who is known to have had volatile relationships in the past, seemingly still turns to her whenever there's something heavy on his mind. 

Allhiphop.com quoted her saying, "He still calls me to build him up spiritually...to make sure he's mentally ready for a fight."

"So, I don't care how physically fit you are, when you get into that ring, if you're not mentally prepared and mentally strong and know that you're a warrior and you cannot be conquered by anybody, that's something that I was there to give."

She added, "And I will always give him that. I was his best friend from the beginning. He wants to revert to Dade Counties (his new fiancée), I'll still be here to hood him down as a friend."

It's commendable they have remained friends. Isn't that the way all past relationships should be, especially if that person has been a big part of your life?

Do Josie's comments reveal perhaps a little more about Floyd Mayweather? Is he a real 'bad boy?' He certainly carries that image but perhaps it's an indicator he has a softer side - Although I'm sure his current fiancee might not be thrilled Floyd seemingly confides in his ex sometimes.

Floyd Not Gay
Oddly, Floyd Mayweather's sexuality has come into question over the past year and since he became so close to 50 Cent who is now an ex-bestie.  But Ms Harris discarded the homosexuality claims and insisted Mayweather was no more than just friends with the iconic rapper.

"The speculation is just a speculation. I have experience in what Floyd feels like so I know that he is extremely straight".

It was strange that this even came up. I have only seen a few Mayweather haters suggest the fall out between Floyd and 50 Cent was a secret break up between romantic friends. No respected news outlets have reported on the possibility Floyd was gay.

And with absolutely no evidence to support their claims,  it is strange that they would give haters the satisfaction of questioning his preference.

Starter Wives Confidential premieres Tuesday, January 29 at 10:00 pm EST on TLC in the U.S.


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