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Shantel Jackson vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr: Should the boxing world care?

Joseph Herron Updated
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On Thursday, September 4, former fiancé of Floyd Mayweather Jr., Shantel Jackson, filed a civil lawsuit in Superior Court in Los Angeles claiming that the pound for pound fighter beat her during their relationship and publicly humiliated her by posting a sonogram of her pregnancy on social media, blaming their eventual split on her decision to get an abortion. Ms. Jackson gave a tearful statement in the company of high profiled attorney Gloria Allred, in which she stated that the couple was together for a total of seven years, and that she finally made the decision to leave the highest paid athlete after concluding that he was abusive and ultimately "incapable of change".

The Miami, Florida born model and actress didn't specify damages in the civil suit that was announced just nine days before Floyd's September 13 rematch with former two time world champion Marcos "El Chino" Maidana.

With this legal and public grievance being a civil matter exclusively, should the boxing world care about the allegations introduced against the sport's premier fighter?


One could intelligently question why. With the statute of limitations being two whole years for aggravated assault and battery in the state of Nevada, why is Ms. Shantel Jackson limiting her quest for justice to a mere civil suit? Why isn't she attempting to get the state involved with her claims against a convicted felon with a history of domestic violence?

Two very important reasons...the burden of proof is always much greater in criminal proceedings, and most importantly, monetary compensation cannot be gained from a "crime against the state".

Do these two facts diminish the claims of the aspiring model and actress?

Not in the court of public opinion, which is ultimately why the boxing community should be concerned with yet another black mark against the character of boxing's biggest star.


Mainstream America has already made the conscious effort to seemingly discount the relevance of the "Sweet Science" as a primary pastime in this country. And with the ongoing exploits of the highest paid athlete in the world, it becomes increasingly difficult to defend a sport that heralds Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the chief spokesperson of boxing.

The "Money Man" of boxing consistently defends his position and insists that he doesn't really care what mainstream America thinks of him personally. As long as he continues to make millions with each and every outing, Floyd Mayweather Jr. claims to be content "living large" and asserts that his detractors are secretly envious of his activities outside of the ring...further separating himself from the moral majority of the United States.

It's obvious that Mayweather doesn't care about the health of boxing, nor does he concern himself with the future of a sport that has made him a superstar.

The real bosses of boxing seem to have a genuine dilemma on their collective hands.

Do the avid and die-hard fans of the sport continue to support a character who has no interest in improving the perception and overall health of boxing?

Floyd's most passionate supporters will more than likely argue that their hero's actions outside of the ring aren't really a factor in determining the sport's attraction in America.

If they truly believe that, then I have some ocean front property to sell them in Oklahoma.

The final verdict will be decided by the always passionate fight fans next Saturday night by way of PPV numbers. It's what truly separates the sweet science from every other sport in the world...the fans always have the final say.


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