Floyd Mayweather broke? Not likely

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Rap star 50 Cent seems to believe fight legend Floyd Mayweather is returning to the ring because he's in need of money.

Of course, Floyd and Fiddy were friends briefly back in the day before a bitter rift left them enemies who publicly take pokes at one another on social media. Hence, take Fiddy's comments for what they're worth.

Per The Sun, 50 Cent recently told Hot 97: “I think he got to [fight again] right now because the money’s gone.

“It’s fight, get the money, spend the money, fight.

“With the lifestyle [Floyd has] that money’s gone. Trust me. Now it’s like if you call him he’ll be at your local nightclub because he needs that action right now.”


Sure, Floyd probably blows a lot of money but it's unlikely he's "in need of money" in layman's terms. Perhaps he's "in need of money" according to Floyd and 50 Cent's definition of "in need of money?"

"... Just say that I wanted to f*ck off all my money, I can’t; Because of the smart investments that I made." Mayweather said in a 2017 interview with Unlocked, via Complex.

"When I went to my billionaire buddies, I never said, 'Oh, I love your jet. I love your yacht. I love your house.' [I said], 'Show me how it’s done.' And there’s only three ways you can learn—hearing, seeing, and doing. 'Show me how it’s done. OK, now I got it.'"

Fact: Floyd is believed to have upwards of 100 cars which include a fleet of all-white luxury cars, a fleet of all-black luxury cars, a $1.7 million Bugatti Veyron, and a 4.8 million Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita.

He insisted he earns "seven figures" every month off his investments, alone, and that he couldn't go broke if he tried. It's also been rumored Floyd has some sort of trust fund (that's not an investment) he can't touch that dispenses to him an ungodly sum of money every month for the rest of his life.

Those things stated, according to a news story via Maxim, Las Vegas “gambling sources” told IB Fantasy Sports that Mayweather may have blown $50 million in gambling, alone, in 2017.  Is it true?

Who knows?

Floyd's fight against Manny Pacquiao in 2015, alone, earned him $250 million alone and he is pegged to be worth $565 million per Celebrity Net Worth.

However, Floyd's recent pairing with UFC President Dana White and hints of rematches with Manny Pacquiao and Conor McGregor have folks wondering if Floyd, who'll be 43 on February 24, is in dire straits financially.

... Or is he simply attempting to stay in the spotlight?

Although Mayweather is probably still filthy rich, one must speculate if a return to the ring is imminent given his extremely lavish lifestyle.

"No [Floyd Mayweather will not keep his money]," another fight great, Larry Holmes, told Sky Sports in 2014.

"Money don't have no friends because when people are rich their eyes see things that they don't really need...like Mayweather. And like Larry Holmes even."

Larry Holmes, then 64, admitted he was guilty of overspending on luxurious items he didn't need and sees a similar pattern with Mayweather.

"I had five Rolls Royces. I had 27 cars. I had a bus, a 49 seat bus for all of my friends to go to Atlantic City to come hang out and party. Did I need any of that?"


If Floyd is "in need of money" it's likely because he's running out 'play money' and doesn't want to dip into the zillions of dollars he has in savings and in other liquid assets.

That attached video from 2013 is too funny.


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