Floyd Mayweather: Nearly impossible to beat?

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The formidable boxing website, FightHype, caught up with elite-level trainer Joe Goossen to discuss fight superstar Floyd Mayweather

When asked what it would take to defeat the fighter dubbed 'Money,' Goossen uttered, "That's going to be a tough one."

Often criticized for his 'bling, bling' lifestyle, controversial statements and outside-the-ring shenanigans, do some fans overlook Mayweather's freakish skills and maniacal dedication to his craft?

Even during long hiatuses in between bouts, Floyd has always kept himself in superb shape and never did fully stop training.

"If Floyd was the type of guy who defeated himself outside the right, I would say there's a chance [for Floyd to lose]," Goossen added.


"But he's the type of guy who is very conscientious about his health and his body. He doesn't drink or smoke."

"He's dedicated to his sport. He's dedicated to his profession."

"Guys like that who can fight like that, they are almost impossible to beat," insists Goossen.


And while the trainer gives boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao a chance to win, he would strongly favor Floyd in a mythical match-up.

"How do you pick anyone over Mayweather?" It's kinda like a bad bet."

"There's no denying Floyd Mayweather has beaten the greatest fighters of our generation. And sometimes quite easily."

In his first bout with Marcos Maidana, a rather flat-footed Mayweather spent much of the time going toe-to-toe on the ropes with the fearsome Argentine and escaped with a majority decision. Floyd looked more vulnerable than we'd seen him in twelve years. In their rematch, however, Floyd used his superior reflexes and skills to effectively outbox his foe and win comfortably.

Even when forced to fight outside of his comfort zone, Mayweather has proven very effective. 

In order for Manny to defeat Floyd, PacMan must force Mayweather to fight as he did in Mayweather vs Maidana I.  When fighters allow Floyd to dictate the tempo, he is nearly impossible to beat.

Goossen discusses Floyd Mayweather below (video)

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