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  • “Floyd Mayweather should realize Bob Arum is merely trying to do the best thing for Manny Pacquiao,” insists Hall of Famer

“Floyd Mayweather should realize Bob Arum is merely trying to do the best thing for Manny Pacquiao,” insists Hall of Famer

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Over the last several weeks, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has led the charge in stating that Bob Arum has been the culprit in blocking a proposed “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao” super fight throughout the last half decade or so.

On December 12, in San Antonio, Texas, Floyd initially broke the proverbial silence and spoke of what he believes to be the “truth” of the controversial matter.

Floyd Mayweather is not ducking or dodging any opponent,” stated the pound for pound king of boxing.

“Bob Arum is stopping the fight. We’ve been trying to make this fight happen behind the scenes for years now but the fans and the people have been fooled because they’ve been listening to people on one side.

“Now it’s time for us to talk. We want the fight. We’re ready. Let’s make it happen…May second…Mayweather versus Pacquiao. Let’s do it.”

“Bob Arum and Manny Pacquiao, you guys have been ducking us for years…begging for the same money…that’s not going to happen. Cinco de Mayweather, let’s make it happen!”

It was also rumored that Floyd even offered the 83 year old fight promoter $10 million dollars previously to “step aside” and stay out of the negotiation process.

Fellow Hall of Fame fight promoter, Don “War a Week” Chargin, believes that Floyd’s demands aren’t realistic and doesn’t blame Pacquiao for standing by the Top Rank CEO.

“I don’t blame Manny for not going for that,” claims the six decade fight promoter. “Bob has spent a lot of years really building Manny into an attraction and it’s getting toward the tail end of Pacquiao’s career. Why should Bob have to get out of his career after everything they’ve accomplished up to this point?”


“Manny understands that Bob always tries to protect him and do the best for his career. Why should Bob have to sit out of this business venture? What does this have to do with the Mayweather fight?”

“Floyd Mayweather just doesn’t want Bob to make money, and that’s ridiculous.”

The prolific matchmaker and promoter believes that the real fight fans everywhere are tired of hearing excuses and only care about the fight being made in 2015.

“Fans are getting sick of this sort of thing,” claims Don Chargin. “Fight fans don’t care about who the promoter is, and they don’t care about who the manager is. They care about the two fighters and they want to see a good fight…period.”

Although competing promoters don’t see eye to eye on every issue when staging a big event, Mr. Chargin understands that there is a reason why Arum has been able to survive in the business of boxing for almost five decades.

“War a Week” reflects back to 1967, when he and the late, great Aileen Eaton were first introduced to the former US Attorney.

“When Bob was first introduced into the business, he was a US attorney,” states Don Chargin. “Because Ingemar Johansson owed back taxes from the Floyd Patterson trilogy, he was assigned to collect back taxes for the US Government.”

“While doing his job, the boxing bug bit him. That started everything in the boxing business for Bob Arum.”

“He eventually got involved with Muhammad Ali, and did very well. But when Ali wouldn’t go into the service, and was forced to vacate his title, the WBA and ABC’s ‘Wide World of Sports’ with Howard Cosell staged a Heavyweight tournament to coronate Ali’s successor.”

“Me and Hall of Fame promoter Aileen Eaton were partners with Bob in this endeavor, and we had every leading Heavyweight in the tournament with the exception of Joe Frazier. ‘Smokin’ Joe was already a champion. In those days, New York recognized their own world champions, and Joe was the title holder back then, so he didn‘t enter the tournament.”

“We had Jerry Quarry, Oscar Bonavena, Jimmy Ellis, Thad Spencer, Ernie Terrell, Floyd Patterson…we featured all of the top Heavyweights at the time in several different cities throughout the entire endeavor.”

“The tournament was well organized and resulted in a lot of memorable upsets in various locations. We had fights in Louisville, Houston, and eventually the semi-finals and the finals in Oakland, which crowned Jimmy Ellis as the new WBA Heavyweight Champion.”

“We did a lot of business together. Although Bob was extremely green back then, he picked it up very quickly and endured some tough times to remain relevant in a very difficult business."

"We’ve seen so many promotional companies come and go since then, but Bob remains among the most successful in the industry.”

While Arum continues to maintain his position as Manny Pacquiao’s promoter, the California boxing legend suggests that Mayweather should accept Bob’s involvement in making the super fight a reality in 2015.

“Manny is very loyal to Bob, and Floyd Mayweather should realize that Arum is merely trying to do the best thing for his fighter,” states Don Chargin. “Fans really don’t care about who the promoter is. They just want to see the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight finally happen.”

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